New hangars are TERRIBLE

First off, I can barely even see the new hangar, so that might be most of the problem right there. I may as well be in the inky blackness of space.

I read that you want there to be more lighting focus on the ship while in our hangars, but…

a) Ships are much more poorly lit now too, and

b) I don’t need to have more focus on my ship while in the hangar. I have plenty of focus on my ship EVERYWHERE else. While I do want to see my ship while in the hangar, I also want to see the world in which my character exists.

I don’t understand, let alone like, this graphical change. Unless there is a power outage, or power shortage so the lights are turned way down low, I want my hangars to be at least as well lit as they have been. This change might be good for stations which are under attack in one or more of the phases, but as the standard it’s just terrible.

Turning up the brightness is not workable. Previously it was fine when left at the default level. Now turning it up to see better, and things just get washed out and ugly. BUT… it does help explain why the hangar was made so dark. It seems the textures aren’t nearly as detailed as they’d previously been. Is this change in lighting made to hide this?

Anyhow. Hopefully I’m not the only one dissatisfied with this change for the worse, and hope CCP will change this back. Again, I don’t need sole focus on my ship while I’m in the hangar. There’s plenty of focus on my ship in game. Let me better see where I’m at when I’m NOT inside my ship. Can’t even get out any more, and now this. sigh


You forgot to put a PLEX in the meter…

But seriously they have a known issue for this in DX9… with other DX versions reporting it too.


DX9 is one issue, other issue is the amount of ‘post processing’ your settings are at. Some people/setups find it is better at low levels, some find it better at high.

For me, the ship is lit decently, and the hangars are overall darker than they were before - which is apparently the effect they were going for.

New hangars are great.

I’ve complained about Eve being way too light before, especially after jumping into a new system and being upside-down looking at the brightest part of the system. Happens all the time. Must be some subliminal way of forcing us to wake up, like a visual cattle prod.

I’ll take the bat-cave look and the subdued billboards over the old look any time. Thanks CCP!


New hangers are FABULOUS


I haven’t logged into the game yet so this is news to me, guess I’ll check out the latest Dev blog and then log in and see for myself.

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When did you last complain about it? July 2017. Says that was when your last forum post was.

Did the ultra dark, ‘bat cave’ station interiors finally bring you back? :smile:


The “new” hangars have the same crap textures as the old ones.

So…yeah. They are indeed terrible.


New hangars

You kind sir are mistaken.


Yes they are

Post Processing Low
Post Processing High
Might help

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Totally agree with the OP. I have Post Processing on high, almost everything on high, and can’t see dick inside the hangar. The screenies from Mina Sebiestar aren’t at all representative of what I’m seeing. Definite change for the worse.

The new hangars are good and well-lit for what they are. And the ad screens finally don’t blast into your face any more, which is a huge plus. And I love dark atmosphere in EVE. Feels more like space and more menacing, as EVE should.

Looks fancy:


And I think the new hangers look awesome, the lighting is damn good. In fact I am seriously impressed, it gives a good atmosphere to me.


I like em, feels very EVE-ish, because grimdark :stuck_out_tongue:


check your brightness settings, I thought they where a little on the dark side as well, until i realized that I had apparently at one point cranked the brightness about 1/4 of the way down, probably because i thought the old hangars where too bright.

Indeed, increasing your brightness it will look much better, some kind of a combi of futuristic and gothic style! :slight_smile:

And for some reason the higher brightness its not affecting much the “space environment”.

I turned my posting duties over to another character, K’uata Sayus, who has more advanced Sarcasm skills, much more appropriate to Forum interaction.

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I love the new dark mode!
And it’s not THAT dark, I can see just fine.

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I would suggest wearing your glasses…

I love the new hangars!

They look so much better now that there are shadows. Without shadows you won’t notice how good the lighting is!

New hangers are shite. Even if I get new computer its still gonna be shite. Its not broken so touch it attitude.

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