Hangars Lights

I know CCP doesn’t care what we say. So this whole post is a waste…but I must say the new hangar lights look like TOTAL ■■■■. WTF, cant see much of anything except this big orange hole under my ship. Who ever in CCP thought changing hangar lights was a good idea was the same dumbass who thought changing the UI Voice was a good idea. Both hangar lights and UI Voice are bad and CCP will never admit they made a mistake and change it back, so get use to it.

Now watch all the CCP trolls tear me down for speaking out against CCP in the forum.


Yes because nothing bad is ever said about CCP here…

Why do you sound so angry?! How about a more constructive approach? The reason for the “trolling” isnt because of CCP apologists… its because most of you sound like raging fat kids stuck in the basement.


To be honest, I think the new hangars look fantastic.


@Gerard_Amatin Agreed the new hangars look great. :+1:


The change for the voice was because the voice actress who did the original stuff was not available and the programming needed updating.

The hangar lighting is too dark, imo. ccp wanted to darken the hangar some, but they turned the switch too far down. Maybe they’ll go back up some.

In any case, just take it easy, OP.

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I like the new Hangar look/light. :slightly_smiling_face: More atmospheric.

I’m not a big fan of the change personally - it makes quickly identifying the ship harder IMHO which is never a good thing.

I am hoping this is the first step as they suggested in a set of changes, because the hangar is a bit too dark right now and has lost some of the detail in the background for no real gain. Not raging though, people should calm down.

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Came to say the same. The lighting and the new effects around the hangar are pretty cool

I and others asked for space to look less like it has atmosphere.

The lighting effect that creates that look also makes walls appear lit even if no light is shining directly on them.

What we are seeing in the hanger is more realistic.

Welcome to empty space.

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I also like the new hanger lights. Cool effect.

If your hanger is too dark for you, maybe you can adjust the monitor’s brightness?


I’m kind of ambivalent on the new changes, I always considered the “over lighted” hangers to reflect a tacit challenge to the Capsuleers by the Factions that “no matter how powerful you think you are, we can just waste resources freely for esthetic reasons.” Now, I’m feeling more like:

Gallente: We’re trying to save the space whales and be stewards to the Universe and its health by conserving power.
Caldari: Look, we switched off so many lights we have added at least 5% to the company’s bottom line with only 15% more accidents.
Minmatar: Sorry, our lighting budget has been reduced once again. Could Tiki Lamps work instead?
Amarr: Nothing has changed, it’s just the increased glow of the Empress’s Holiness making things appear darker…wouldn’t you agree?


Perhaps something is wrong with your settings. My hangar looks quite good actually and the change made it look better.

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Stop being a scrub and get directx12. My hanger looks amazing.

Try dx 11, rather than dx 9.

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Doesn’t matter, it’s still dark AF in both DX’s … CCP needs to fix this BS!


Caldari stations look good, Amarr stations are much too dark. I haven’t been in the others since patch.

edit: minmatar station will do, but a bit dark still IMO

edit2: IMO<<! the gallente station looks pretty good, they got the right amount of dark on that one. So 2.5 out of 4 ok atm. Looking forward to the tweaks.


There is nothing broke but your rig or settings.

Looks fine to me, and that’s with a gfx card that is crippled due to an incident with a 3 year old and some OJ. Sugar and electronics do not mix.

It is the vitamins that did the damage to the card :wink: