Devblog: September Release - Wormholes And Stars Get An Update!

Take a look at this devblog for more information on changes coming to wormhole and star visuals with the September release!

Read all about it here!


hahaha ccp have nothing to do, and make again visual changes… there are no other points on todo list… maybe again new skins?


Well I think it is fair to point out that there are many teams at CCP. I’m sure they have people who are specifically trained for graphics and graphic design. These employees would not be doing other kinds of coding anyhow, it isn’t their skillset.

So graphical changes doesn’t mean they have nothing to do, nor would it mean they aren’t working on other issues at the same time.


Are you saying the art department should work on something other than… art?


I remember EVE ran beautifully on my laptop, even with multiple clients.

Now I need to build a gaming PC with a great CPU.

Love the progress and visuals but please put a “sub-minimal” graphics option please :slight_smile:


Will there be a visual effect made available for tears extracted?

So… CCP didnt like that their beautiful winter event made players to disable graphics/shaders because it made them blind and are now “improving” the situation so players wont be able to disable planet glare anymore…

In fact, they have made it even worse:

Edit (found some screenshots of the "problem" during winter event):

Low shader quality before update:

Low shader quality after the update:


I see what you did with “low quality shader before” image. You cant hide such things on my screen. :stuck_out_tongue:


ಠ_ಠ yep!

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Also I am not a fan of hairy wormholes. I think the 2D HQ effect was spot on.

Kudos to the art/VFX department.


Oh man. Those wormhole changes are beautiful. Multiple splashes for each person jumping? EoL holes that look like they’re already mostly gone?
Looks great… Now to relearn how to tell what hole is what again sigh

My only complaint is that I kind of liked the 2D effect. A wormhole should look fundamentally wrong, take Babylon 5 for example. That stock jump point was beautiful but when they made it 3D it lost a lot of the appeal.


this here :slight_smile:
one the one hand I do like it that people running low settings will be able to tell wich colors the nebula is compared to the current grapics settings in the eve client.
I sure most wh players will adapt to the changes :slight_smile:

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Yeah, popcorn on standby for the ‘indication of multiple transits feature.’

It’s certainly giving more intel and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I do see that’ll create some butt puckering moments as people try to estimate how many pings they saw and what type of forces are about to decloak.


The graphics addition is beautiful.


finaly something usefull) thnx ccp

I like it


At first glance, it looks like each wh leading into empire space has the nebula color whirling around it.

Hi - Long time listener - first time caller. I mean this in the most constructive way possible but could someone ratchet up the priorities on substantive fixes/improvements? (No, I don’t mean killing local or f*cking with people in some other way that changes core game mechanics.) I especially mean the friggin UI. It has been a looong time since any significant quality-of-life improvements were made. Pretty stars is nice and all but there are SO many things to work on that would actually improve our experience on a day-to-day basis. The backlog on UI requests/fixes must be gigantic by now. For example, why do I need to click 3 times once the game loads the get to the PI window? How about the ability to keep the order of my chat windows intact, instead of reverting to alphabetized? Etc Etc. Substance first, visuals second. PLEASE


Do you suggest that the art and graphics folks, whose jobs are literally artwork and graphics, work on bugfixes? Or are you suggesting that because there are bugs and balance issues, the art team should postpone their work?