Hanger lighting fix

When are they going to fix the lighting in the hangar? I have waited way too long for it to be done. I have 3 computers and 4 accounts and several friends who play as well with the same thing. We all consider it a problem and it is ungodly annoying. I am sick to death of the pitch black hangar. And if you lighten the hangar to where you can see it again like it use to be, then the ship is so washed out the color is virtually gone totally and the ship is almost transparent. I don’t want either. Oh and PLEASE get rid of the stupid copper lighting from below. It looks completely stupid.

Just put the hangers back the way they were. Light them up so you can actually see things in the hanger. And lose the copper bottom light and put back the normal white lighting like it used to be. Like it is in real life and other games with ship hangars. We all would greatly appreciate it. We all like to actually see our ships in a normal light in a normally lit up room. Thanks!!

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Agree 100%, the docking bay lighting puts a strange color hue on the ships which removes the ability to see the skin correctly.

There was a thread posted about that issue a while ago but as usual the complaints didn’t get through CCP’s deaf ears.

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Hello… when is CCP going to fix the LIGHTING PROBLEM? It looks like a 5 year old child ordered the current selection with only 3 crayons in his box. Put back the white lighting so we can actually SEE our ships. I don’t want my ship looking like a bad cartoon. And TURN UP THE LIGHTING. I have lights in my garage, why can’t you in what is suppose to be a future world of extreme high tech. They would NOT live with dungeon lights in their hangars with their expensive ships to smash into walls because THEY CAN’T SEE IN THE HANGARS CURRENTLY. Thanks!!!

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Yeah, I highly doubt it will be changed anytime soon, CCP can’t even fix any of the bugs currently in-game. All they’re interested in right now is creating chaos in-game and selling more MT’s.

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