What is going to happen to hangers

What’s going on with them are we going to see our own ships or are those other players’ ships?
as we can as far as i can tell see other ships in this new hanger idea.

Clearly those are other players ships inside and you’ll be able to shoot them there.

No more docking up safely for the carebears!


though why does a player who gets attacked by a different player who did not shoot first have to stay out of a station though

Fanfest pipedream talk by Rattati mentioned that the hangars will display all your ships.

my 50 ships all trying to load in with their fits
my surface

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I’d put my system into TiDi every time I logged in.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


stupidest idea ever

I wonder if it’s only assembled ships and from those only those that you used recently.

of if CCP has ever thought about players like you or alliance logistics guys with hundreds of fitted ships in hangars to hand out.

:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Time will tell.

It would be a bit absurd to be able to see every other player’s ships in station, yet still in the year 23000 they have not invented windows so you can see the ships lurking outside.

We have better than windows, we have drones with tracking cameras, scanners and radars… I can admire a ship in the 3d window you get by clicking the image of the ship in the info window… but it’s better to undock and see for yourself :smiley:

I remember when CCP said they would add fire as graphics to heavily damaged ships. I forgot when they said it. Stuck with me ever since.

how much isk would that be to get

A couple of million at least.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

They are not even assembled. Only the shuttle you are in would be showing.
As for showing all ships, that will not happen, as clearly people can have more ships assembled than there are places in hangar that they showed. They could show few recently used ones.

Why not just steal them instead so you can sell them? :wink:

Sure I understand why the mechanics are the way they are…it makes for good suspense on undocking. But it does rather spoil the ‘year 23000’ immersion that anyone would undock a ship with zero idea what’s outside. But then again…in a universe in which my thrusters are still on while I am decelerating…anything’s possible :slight_smile:

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In a universe devoid of gravity too. Anything is possible as you say, within the limits of technology ( ours ) and restrictions on developers.

But Starfield ( the advert for which is amazing ) does have gravity and will probably have an online version.

Skyrim in space !

I’m waiting for that one. Curious to see if the game lives up to the hype.

I actually would not want this. I do like the menus, it cuts down on lag and helps reduce computer wear LOL.