Ability. To see other ships players ships in hangers

This should only work for corp members in the new upwell stations and you can’t take those ships

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You’re only one small step away from GiS… ‘Ganking in stations’.

But I approve anyway.

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So basically show and tell for player corps. Is this a game or Kindergarten?

Just so it looks cool chill

While I like the idea proposed in the OP, I think it would be better if implemented after CCP figures out how to actually optimize the current code for Upwell Hangars…

Also to the OP,

Threads like this should be posted in the ‘Player Features & Ideas’ sub-forum…

changed it for you

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Honestly Ariel, show and tell is a large factor in people buying skins. I support people being able to buy a “trophy hanger” with plex so they can show off their cool rides to their friends, or whoever else they’d like to.

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