Display Hangar

A hangar in your home station to display Ships Collection. Arrange ships around your hangar, apply skins, spin them without boarding. Unfit to show hardpoints of fit to show turrets/launchers. Maybe even let drones/fighters circle around.

Some people collect ships. The way you do it now is you put them all in the same hangar your other ships are. And you can only look at them one by one, boarding one at a time. And you can only sort them by price/name/type/quantity but in my opinion that’s not how one would arrange a collection.

I made a topic a while ago and my fellow NPC corpie which I know does collect ships replied:

I consider myself a collector type. I like collecting stuff both IRL and in games I play. But I don’t like hoarding. It’s a mess with every Items anyone would consider collecting in EVE, ships, skins, clothes/suits, event flavor items, etc.


They might be considerin’ it usin’ “holographic images” or somethin’. got doubts they’d put the actual ship models on there. it’d just make no sense in universe. ya’d be havin’ multiple ships in a single hangar.

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Yes, they have demo’d the tech before. Not sure where its setting in release pipeline.


Didn’t quite get what holograms are supposed to do there. Giant anchorable sounds like different types of ads on the outside.

What I meant was a showcase for your ship collection in hangar when docked in home station.

For example, with those nice skins coming up I’d like to put some Triglavian ships around my hangar. I wouldn’t buy or build any trig ships to fly, but I would put them on a ‘shelf’, on a display, if I could. Those new skins are really something different, like if they assigned totally new art team.

Actually I want a special hangar for ship collecting, but seems only few people have these kinds of hobbies, or there won’t be words like “it makes no sense” :no_mouth:


What if docking hangar would display the ship collection of citadel owner?

Visitors get to see it. Collector get to show off.

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