Giant anchorable holograms: An alternative fix for space barbies after CQ retirement

Lots of ways to go with it yet this seems the most straight forward for bringing a 3d model into the scene.

However, lower development effort would likely entail just an expansion of the 2d character portrait display.

  • In character creation photo mode, include option to zoom out to full body.
  • User saves two photos to the database, one for character card and other to be used in full body displays.

They add zero to the game but being a billboard advertising the character in question?

How about, when the character is being clicked, instead a transparent 2d sheet pops up. it could contain recruitment adds from the owner, or paid ones from corporations within the structure, or market oders, contracts, propaganda, etc?

The character could, instead of being an image the owner, be a specifically created character working as "Customer Service"esque, fancy and irrelevant addition.

Your idea needs more options within it. i suggest adding the above, and more, to your initial post. Unless the heat affects me too much (35+ and no AC :sweat: makes it happen that i lose context unawarely), it seems to me that there’s need for these characters beyond being gigantic attention whoring faximile of possibly ugly looking characters.

PS: no offense intended. :slight_smile:

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Inception operation is a success!

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If there are statues I suspect they will be static. The standing capsuleer image is becoming stale and really does look like a barbie doll, new in box. I’d rather not see that in space.

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That’s where monetization of various static poses can shine. Russian renters will pay top ruble to squat in space.


I have a feeling that skeletal deformation went out the window with whatever middleware was used in CQ

This looks promising. Tweet credit: Jorg Ian Floren‏

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and yet ccp doesn’t believe us when we go, “hey that’s a bad idea” or they come up with a really bad way of solving the problem when they do fix something like the drake vs tengu heavy missile nerf. instead of nerfing the tengus range bonus for firing 100kms, they nerf the whole weapon system range and maxed skill cant get 60kms.


This reinforcement information will be obtainable by potential attackers using a relic or data analyzer module. Activating one of these analyzer modules will open a hacking panel similar to those found in exploration sites. The difficulty of the hacking challenge will scale depending on the size of the structure being investigated, with XL structures providing a more difficult hacking challenge than any previously available in EVE Online. After a successful hack a window will appear with the full information on the structure’s current reinforcement time and day, as well as any queued changes and the time that those changes are planned to take effect.

Failing the hack twice spawns a 100km tall hologram lady that gobbles up your ship.

Something to look forward to with the next burn Jita festivities.

… So how many Iteron’s do we need to fly in a specific pattern before it gets bad?

Forty Two

Old Projection Concepts

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Where is this art from?

Featured here:

I like the sound of monetization on animation packs for these holograms. Mandatory KPOP Dance sessions on all player structures will continue until morale improves.


We might have something here in the works for placeable holograms. Likely it’s the character holograms for inside the hangar view.

description: None => The type of the behaviour class for the placeable. This is a reference to the wis.behaviourClasses table. Do not publish this.

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Yes, we are in the same corporation. It ain’t rocket science to make the connection. :wink:

New information does trickle out on character holograms that may warrant feedback and it’s an idea that CCP appear to be pursuing, albeit very very slowly.