I Found this on an old dusty shelf .. what happend?

i was randomly surfing around and i discovered an old article gathering the dust of ages, i took a closer look and picked it up and read further , i found something amazing, i felt sad and surprised.
it showed an amazing older version of what the station hangers used to looks like. when ? im not sure.

simply amazing ! its vast and breath taking , very roomy.
Looks at CCP with a face of puzzlement…
exstends both hands at the old station hanger design, why did you do away with this ?
this is beautiful! timeless, it doesn’t feel cramped like what were in now.


Ah, ‘The Pleasure Hub’, there was a bit of a petition a while back to bring it back, but to no avail.

Something to do with not being able to show the holographic Quafe girl IIRC

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they removed it back in the day (like 2007 or 2008) because they re-released the box set and to get a certain certification they needed to remove that interior because it had a gallente bimbo on the screen. Shame really, and if you ask me eve was a lot more atmospheric back in the day, I still have all my old screenshots from 2006 up until now


I wish CCP would bring make more hangers. Small hangers for astrahouse, because the Caldari one does not fit all. The older ones just look so much more alive. The current ones are kind of dull.

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If there was one CQ I dreamed of having access to. It was the Pleasure Hubs.

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Holographic Quafe girls can be placed in the hangar now. Pleasure hubs should come back. But they should also place some holographic Quafe studs. Its part of Gallente culture.


i wonder if they still have that interior file in storage somewere?
i vote to bump up the petition to bring this hanger interior back!


Yaaaaas bish

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