New station backgrounds (or perhaps the old Quafe (Pleasure Station) background?

Since we seem to spend a lot of coding time on ship skins, could we see some new skins for station backgrounds? Ship spinning with more views! Or at the very least, could we see the old Pleasure Station/Quafe Station again?

Graphic artists don’t write code.

Yes, station background reskins. Only 4.999 PLEX!

Or the Pleasure Station background, 0 plex… and 9 years missing.

Pleasure Station won’t return, especially not in today’s climate.

I don’t know about ‘today’s climate’ I guess? The ‘lady in light’ didn’t seem too bad? World of Warcraft ladies’ outfits are more revealing that what she showed, so that shouldn’t be an issue?

Ah, I see that the topic has been moved from General.

It’s pretty sad when we spend that much time docked or tethered up that we crave a new station background or station SKIN… Hang onto your exotic dancers. I’m sure their days are numbered as well…

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My exotic dancers??? NOOO!!! :sob:

Anyway, some gameplay has you sitting in station for some time. Industry, Trading, etc. So a different background to look at matters more.

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And please reintroduce the walking in stations expansions to your game, CCP.

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+10000 All the stations look the same and it bores the eyes really fast.

Also a fix for the capital ships docked would be cool. My Dread cant fit into the image and i cant zoom out or do ■■■■ with it. So a general update to it would be cool.

Yes, I’d love the other kinds of station backgrounds. The Upwell structures have the same hangar for the ships below supercapitals. :sweat:
But I’m afraid most people would prefer watching ships explode in space to watching their ships in station at present. :disappointed_relieved:
Yet I’m still expecting them to improve this, I’m still young ! :thinking:


I bring up the Station Backgrounds as those should be as easy, or easier than skins. Someone mentioned EVE’s possible reluctance to do backgrounds without charging more money for it, and I hope that isn’t the case. It’d be a very short-sighted stance to tell subscribers that.

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