Station Environments - Any updates?

So I just saw a screenshot from inside a Keepstar for the first time, and that´s one good looking station environment. All the Citadels I´ve ever been in has the Caldari environment which in comparison, looks much worse and boring.

I want this. Citadels need this. For all the station spinning, of course. More, new and fresh environments please!

It was removed due to complete lack of use by the playerbase of the captains quarters.

I don´t think you´ve read my post. Not talking about CQ, I´m talking about the station backgrounds. :slight_smile:

What you are talking about is based on the captains quarters though.

Without the base the improvement can not be created.

No. The Keepstar has a NEW background and no other station has it. Not talking about any new tech here, just a new background. Google the Keepstar background, you´ll see.

And on that note, I can see that any other station backgrounds (for other citadels for example) might be put on hold as they´re maybe will be pushing out a much bigger graphics update in 2018.

It has nothing to do with CQ and a new tech, just fresh backgrounds as the Keepstar got recently. And I do understand if any improvements to old tech-station-environments are on hold until they know what they want to do in a larger graphic scale.

Wait… you’re talking about these?

Yes! :smiley:

Someone posted this on Reddit, which got my attention:

I believe CCP had to create s new one for Keepstars as the supercapitals wouldn’t have fitted into the others. They would have poked through the hangar walls otherwise.

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