Jita Trade Hub and other Stations

I think CCP have done a great job with Jita Trade Hub internal docking view…
I hope CCP are going to refresh all the station backgrounds, I would love to see updated view.


But then theyd all be the same

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I want the old-school Gallente station interior back.


They did it because Jita 4-4 is Jita 4-4

If CCP wanted to make a more immersive experience, they’d have some idiot trying to call you and sell you a car warranty every 2.3 minutes you remain docked.


i hope not, i would want a different background for each station lol

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I love the new Jita interior.

And I would love to see more variation in interiors. The Pochven stations were a nice surprise too when I docked there recently, and I always enjoy docking in the various high sec faction structures that all have their own interior.

I just see the player owned structure interior way too often. Keepstar, Astrahus, Fortizar, Azbel… it’s all the boring same interior.

More variation please!

(And station skins!)


Ah I fear you hope for more than CCP would produce

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I would like to see my hanger be customizable, the first thing I would do is kill the billboards, then all the flashing lights… From there I think I would plant trees, ivy to grow on the walls, and place all my crap in the middle of the floor like a vast pile of dragon loot.

That’s CCP???
I have a number of friends being inundated by calls like that non stop but they don’t play Eve, this has to be my fault somehow.

when ?

Great hangar and great resource hog.

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Hopefully not before they have added more variation in good looking station interiors. And structure skins.

Hopefully after CCP realizes people don’t keep their garages attached to their bedrooms.

I can imagine what players would do to decorate their stations. :smiling_imp:

This 100%

Personally I think CCP went overboard with the interior graphics, it’s way too busy with too much stuff happening in it.

Guess they think it’s a Shopping Mall instead of a Hangar Bay…

Waifu shrine.

Sounds exactly like Jita 4-4. Way too busy with too much stuff happening in it.

I think their interior graphics design for the Jita station is spot on. It is the most visited busiest place in the whole universe after all!

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The new Jita 4-4 interior is gorgeous. I would love to see a similar update for the other regional hubs. Show each faction investing into it in a sense.

Though with the EoM attacks, they may have other things on their mind for the current time lol


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