Stations in Eve, need new models

I think the beloved Eve Stations, especially in Trade Hubs, could sincerely use some new models.

Doesn’t necessarily mean, it needs more draw on cpu and gpu resources. Just something fresh, and more modern looking.

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Nah. Can’t sell skins for NPC stations. So why bother.


But what do you mean by “more modern looking”?

Less varied and original. Like structures basically.

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Seems like they need to be a little bigger, compared to the sizes of the ships. And Jita 4-4 needs to be about 10x bigger to store all of the junk in there.


Would also be great if the Jita station had one or several gigantic neon signs saying “Jita hub” or something like that. :sunglasses:


“Welcome to the cesspool”


i would rather see new station interiors even if they’re only available in nex store




Nah. Can’t sell skins for NPC stations. So why bother.

It’s unfortunate that they have this kind of short-sighted view. Visual appeal does have its place in the general settings, such as stations, as well as individual settings such as ships. More variety in the station backgrounds wouldn’t be the only thing that would ‘Save EVE’, but it would be a small thing in the right direction. I’d love to see the old Gallente / Quafe Pleasure station background make a comeback.


If you look at the Update page on the main site of EVE, at winter expansion, you’ll see that structure SKINs are programmed.

Not what he was talking about.

There is already around 50 different station models. I once had links in my bio. Too bad they cut bio to 2500 chars, and you can’t link generic stations anymore, it now has to be a particular station in space. This way there is much more variety, 50 stations, each has 5 or more faction SKINs. But who ever sees any of those?

Messed up album. Station SKINs.

Jita 4-4 deserves it’s own model.
Fix Yulai CONCORD station.
I regret making fun of Malkalen station fire.

Oh look, what I said 4 years ago.

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The old one - deorbit, relocate somewhere else and make site. Build new, proper, not damaged in the same spot. But first make building event, capsuleers mine minerals and give it to agents in space, pirates want to disrupt operations. After event just switch station model and its done, add new site of deorbited station. :+1:

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Jita 4 4 would look awesome as a keepstar.


I’d be happy if I could just t urn off the in station video screens…g


You know you can just rotate the view. Or is it the thought of knowing it’s still there, which bothers you?

The problem with ‘let players rotate the view EVERY TIME they use a part of EVE’ type of dev mentality is the same mentality/problem that was had with Captain’s Quarters and Incarna. ‘Force this on all our idiot players’. ‘If they don’t like it they can leave’… and in 2011 we did, in large numbers, hence the big backtracking.

But things never really got ‘right’ again, hence the purchase of CCP by Pearl, being the only way to keep the doors open.

I suppose my requests for additional station docking backgrounds would be ‘forced’ on players, but people didn’t seem to object to the Quafe/Pleasure Station back before it was ditched in 2009.

Well, if it as important as you now say it is then know you also have the option to close your eyes each time you might look at it. Hope this helps.

Yeah. New and bigger models. Jita park is the most popular T-Hub, but I don’t like that outside station overview due to its surplus of dim and boring cold gray ‘theme’ - nebulae, moon, station skin.

Why almost all stations are satellite of moons, btw?

It would look awesome as a Babylon 5 station, with new dim gray nebulae concept btw.

I’d like to see different undocking platforms (3 or 5) from different positions on a station, which are situated like 25-30 km from each others. The undocking platform should be random or chosen by the pilot (still not sure).

I’d like to see Hubs a satellite of planets ( on close orbit) and stars.

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Who the F. cares about docking backgrounds? There are so many things in EvE to fix and this is what should be on top of the list? GTFO.