NPC Stations love

NPC Stations got to look better after Rubicon 1.1 Here I got an album with some before and after pics.

There were around 50 stations with different models at the time, each model having 1 or at most 2 what we now call SKINs. So I got them all with links listed in my Bio for when I get tired of spinning ships, I could spin some stations.

Now since Rubicon I had some offs and ons with EVE and only recently I realised that none of those links in my bio work. But I also found all those stations now have multiple faction SKINS. There’s a new album with only some pics for Amarr Military, Administrative and Trade Stations. They each have Kor-Azor, Tash-Murkon, Ardishapur, Sarum, Emperor, Navy. It escalates to a few hundreds of different variants.

So the idea is some kind of in-game encyclopedia, or a browser for stations.

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Let me add some attractors.

M-FDTD I - Material Institute School
HD3-JK I - Academy of Aggressive Behaviour

Yulai IX - CONCORD Bureau

Not sure that’s worth it, considering them being phased out eventually.

You got me there, at first I thought yeah, you are right, whatever then. But then I checked and rechecked devblogs and old forum posts. And I dont think I ever read devs stating that stations will eventually go. POSes and outposts will, but not stations. Otherwise where mission agents, LP stores, other stuff will go?

So I also found this pic
… thats alot of skin. And pirate NPC stations in null somehow only got standard empire skins.

I do believe it was said, not written. of course could i be wrong, but extrapolating from the slow progress CCP makes, it looks to me like that’s the way they’re going. I don’t see how skins for stations have much to do with that, because they’re not that much of work in comparison to paying people to write all this text down for no tangible benefit.

Considering how many Citadels are out there, removing npc stations eventually just makes sense. the Drifters will likely take care of that, or maybe someone else will. features inside a station, like mission agents, will of course be made new for Citadels as well.

Citadels were born out of the need for replacing POS. the problem was old code. changing the really old code is less efficient than introducing new stuff with new code which does the same things. Thus we now have citadels and all these new structures, eventually replacing POS completely. they phase out the old outposts as well, in a weird way I guess, but they still do.

Stations suffer from old code as well, and Citadels can take the job of stations, thus it’s just natural to assume that the fancy looking Citadels will eventually fully replace old stations (of which some look quite good, i admit).

maybe it’s not happening at all, or not happening within 5 years, but no matter what: sitting down a bunch of devs spending time creating an encyclopedia with text and images absolutely most people won’t ever read, compared to having them work on the actual game … i know which i’d prefer.

Maybe you should just do it the open source way? start it yourself to the best of your knowledge, put it into the public and hope others will jump in and help?

A browser for stations, though, like exists for ships already… yeah, you’d have my vote for that one. much less effort. :slight_smile:

i guess i wasn’t clear enough about what i think. sorry about that.

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