Adjustment of the size of the stations and the materialization of the decorations

Well first I wanna ask a question: How can a Nagafar actually dock or undock from a station ? I mean Any station in New Eden

I guess maybe it is necessary to adjust the size of the hagar or the gate of the stations.

I don’t know what affections it will bring to the PVP actions ( and I guess it won’t ) for I’m not a PVP lover. But I guess there’s no wonder that it will make EVE more realistic.

I don’t think the vraisemblance is just a footy role of the game, I used to describe EVE as a “Hard Sifi Game” to my classmates and friends who doesn’t know EVE. I do wish that EVE can be more realistic. By adjusting the scale or size of the gate (or just the station ), I think at least it will be “Harder”.

And here comes the next question, what are these “Moving small points of light” ? I can see some motionless points are Navigation lights. But … I really can’t believe… these are transportattion ships?

And can that “lighting orthogonon the surface of the station without a hollow” be called a enterance?

And I’ve seen from a video of the Vegas 2017 that you’re working on planet trasnportation effect … I really don’t want to see small lighting points moving around the planets or toward the stations.

PLEASE materialize them ! They can be botchy or repetitve BUT PLEASE GIVE THEM MODELS. I believe even a planer icon like the planets in “Sins Of The Solar Empire” is better than moving lighting points.

I do recommend to spend some time on modeling. I know that will be adding up to your workload. But I do wish so!

I’ve also seen the upgrades before like docking transmission I like it very much. But I do fell pity for the retirement of the Captain’s Quarter. I wish there will be more updates that improves the vraisemblance of EVE.

By the way, I used to be a player from Serenity (please forgive my probable mistakes in Grammar ) And we hasn’t upgrade the release fo a long-long time… Is there any plan about that?

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On what possible basis could you have even remotely begun to classify EVE as a “hard sci-fi” game?

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If they ever redo station models they probably will address this. But bare in mind there’s still structures and ships to do that will probably come before it.

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well maybe though some medias in my country, they always describe EVE as a hard sci-fi game

So it means the dreadnoughts will still jump to get out of the station for a long time?:cold_sweat:

Even a keepstar really isnt big enough to fit all the ships in its interior that it would technically need to accommodate but asking for a lot of fluff graphical changes to accommodate your need for things to be volumetrically correct is a huge waste of resources and under current game mechanics impossible since we dont know if some alliance is going to dock 10,000 capitals in a keepstar; for instance.

Volumetric correctness isn’t likely. A Raitaru (or Astrahus) is 8K M3 packaged - fits comfortably in a blockade runner - yet it has infinite capacity once anchored. Including the ability to dock an infinite number of freighters - which have the same volume as other capital ships.

You’ll see this elsewhere - ascendancy implants, for example are 1 M3 - how do you fit that in a human head!?

As far as stations are concerned I suspect they will transition to citadel code at some point in the future so CCP can get rid of more old legacy code.



But i think nothing bad if there will be outside ship yards. And there will be limit for number of freighters being able to dock current station. So if all yards full others should wait.

Trade hubs (Jita, Amarr, etc) should be redesigned then. Be like Keepstar or huge complex of them with many number of ship yards.

Actually all this ‘small’ details matter and such an ocassions mar the whole game.

Well I’ve given up thinking about the infinite capacity. Maybe just a door that looks high enough for a dreadnaught to enter just like the Fortizar’s door for capitalships.:disappointed_relieved:

Maybe changing the size of the stations will be easier than modeling new ship yards ( I guess) :expressionless:

I like this idea, because it will encourage shipyard spam and will burn all of our graphics cards to the ground.

Sure it is! But how long will that take to transition to the citadel code!:persevere:

Well I guess maybe you can choose the lower effect to save your graphic card~:smirk:

90% of that is foam packaging. Last thing you’d want is for crucial headware to get damaged in transit.

Art team showed some projects for new hangars. Its in Winter CSM minutes recently released. There are no images. Maybe they will show something on fanfest, maybe…

But I would like WiS instead.

what is that exactly? :hushed:

They killed off CQ. What makes you think they’re going to devote crucial resources to the pointlessly worthless ability to “walk” around a station?

SC crowdfunding success.
WiS as not only walking in stations but meaningfull gameplay too. Dungeons, weapons, multiplayer gameplay experience in different environment but still in EVE universe where pilots have a lot of freedom to do what they want.

The day CCP stoops to the level of a crowdfunded ponzi scheme is the day a lot of people walk away for good.

We already have bitcoin for that. And people are going away to SC as we talk. :joy: