Bring back the Incarna/WIS station dock

Please bring back the WIS/Incarna space dock, you don’t have to bring back the entire WIS and Capitans Quarters or door, but at least the space dock.

As an alternative option to the spinner pad, it made the ships look more life size and realistic.

The current old docking pad makes my ship look like a potato, not a ship.


Please bring back the door though, I miss it.


I’d really be pleasantly surprised if they do. These days they’re spending time and resources on things that will keep players logged in and increase their revenues. I don’t think Incarna/WIS is going to make a whole lot of difference in those two goals I’ve mentioned.

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Ahh but they could add store items for the station dock area, like potted plants and trees, wallpaper… coloured lighting.

Agreed, there are a lot of items they could add and sell on the store, yet I think they prefer to stick to sure and proven ways than take chances, I don’t think they can afford to take chances at this point, and I think P/A has a much bigger say in things than we can imagine.

There’s no chance to take, they already built it and have the assets.

Yes, and some people say only 3% of players used it so what’s the point?

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I’d like the option of having the CQ Docking Bay view, as long as it doesn’t make my ships almost completely shrouded in shadow like the current Docking Bay view does…

Can’t even see the ship skins CCP keeps pushing players to buy…


You’d think that on the highest graphics settings everything would look better, but strangely it doesn’t, at least not in the hangar. I set most graphics settings halfway but mostly to keep the 1060 from complaining too much.

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…Doesn’t this same topic already exist here? >.<

Sure it does, they are just unable to let it go and accept the fact that its never coming back :stuck_out_tongue:

Drama trolls generally aren’t very original so they keep rotating the same subjects for their new drama troll threads.


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