Docked interaction, more

If it is my hanger that I am docked inside a NPC station, could I have some control of the local area:
turn of T.V. screen ?
look outside ?
previous, next, advert on T.V. screen,
… .

Break the box here pilots. Having that T.V. screen drone away eye wear commercials and what not is getting lame, and pilots aren’t perceptive enough to spot thses little turds in the salad :slight_smile:

We previously had this in the form of a Captain’s Quarters, and it was recently removed because virtually nobody wanted it to begin with and a very small percentage (I think less than 3%) of players actually used it. Maintaining this feature took up a surprising amount of manpower that could have been used elsewhere, hence the feature was decommissioned.

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Lots of people wanted WIS but CCP totally and completely butchered it. Even the CQ implementation was so terrible and loading times ridiculously long compared to hangar view that it was by design impossible to use. People did not use it because they did not want to; they did not because it was practically unfeasible thanks to CCP.


Yep, everything you could do in there is looking pretty - sadly.
If CCP would have kept their promises and unlocked the door, that could have become very interesting.

That’s what it looked like btw:

So, since you have not yourself, nor know anyone that, wanted to turn off the Screen inside NPC stations. Fine. What if I claim it ethical, for the screen tends to drone the same advert repetitively. ^^

As for content overload or manpower; maybe that is not an issue with 64bit … ?

I read the interview of Pearl Abyss CEO, he said that he intended CCP and PA talent to work together on future new projects at some point. Pearl Abyss seemed to take great pride in the quality of their graphics and customization, though I’ve never tried Black Desert personally. If the two companies start sharing technology, it could be possible for EVE to implement something even better than Captain’s Quarters eventually.

Oh, and yes, in that new EVE you will be able to play as an elf! :rofl:

“Cat ears” have been kind of a running gag since Pear Abyss stepped on the stage. :grin:

I would guess those new projects mentioned are rather new games than alterations of the existing. But I might be wrong.

:joy_cat: That’s hilarious, I imagine there could be some EVE purist that might rage over that. :rofl:

And yah, the new projects seemed to imply completely new games. It’s just pure speculation on my part that if the two teams ever do complete a new project together, then they may have the experience to back-engineer the character technology into EVE sometime in the future. :man_shrugging:

It would have been very very bad, like 3 FPS.

The basic problem everyone seems to want to ignore is that the char creation we have is really detailed. Forget choosing faces we can change the body and face in almost unlimited ways.

The reason MMOs like WoW don’t do this is because when you get a lot of players together the load to draw all these custom toons is really high.

A lot of players don’t even realize how much you can sculpt the toon. They just click the boxes on the right.

so be the first, for the technology exists, and absorb the new subscribers. Just make sure it is a graphics option for very modern video cards.

All the repliers or readers tell me something, though, and it is related to this … :

“… he does.”

What does that trigger in you : what does that remind you of ?

I would like to try and copyright that complaint, so I can wave any and all lawyer nonsense :heart:
Bring back long hair for men :frowning:

Isn’t this mostly done client-side?

IIRC when I last player WoW (a long time ago) the server saw the character as a point most of the time, with rectangular solid “hit boxes” in some cases (maybe just for special NPCs). Most of the graphics was done client-side. I’ve never tried to figure out how EVE does this though.

CCP might have got into trouble by over-doing something that has to be done server-side though, like collision testting, or maybe the code didn’t scale up for large locations (e.g. Jita), but they’ve dealt with such problems (on a smaller scale) previously.

BTW - I still have a question for you about memory use in JVMs is you feel like answering it)

:heart: 4 the bump


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