Bring back "Captain's Quarters"

NOTE: I said bring back, not FORCE IT ON EVERYONE like last time.

Sometimes I’m in station spinning my ship while I’m trading, manufacturing, whatever that doesn’t require me to be out in space. I would like the option to switch over to Captain’s quarters for some immersion and to check out the snappy new duds I just purchased. I’d like a desk with all the amenities of holographic data including but not limited to Trade and such.

Oh, and also a toilet. Seems Devs always leave that part out for some reason. I don’t like going in my pod.

So what do you say CCP?


after all; biomass is valuable …

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Fully supported.

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When they didn’t force it on everyone, it was barely used (for good reason since there’s no gameplay content with the feature.) It was shelved because the code maintenance was too costly for what it provided.


When they forced it on everyone, I recall you didn’t have the option to switch back to the default ship spinning screen. You HAD to use the CQ which pissed everyone off.

As for “code maintenance,” the old “don’t waste the dev’s time” argument doesn’t fly. Dev’s time is made up of coding and maintenance. That is what they are paid for.

True, and then the following expansion they made it optional and added the ship spinning counter.

CCP still has limited resources. I don’t know the details in this particular instance, but sometimes when you update the code base, it causes things to break. I suspect this was one of those situations. If they didn’t have to invest any resources into making it work, they’d have just left it in the game (like they did for a few years after making it optional.) But it was finally taken out.

All that said, with vanguard coming, I suspect you’ll see Captain’s Quarters back in some version in the future, most likely after they’ve fleshed out a station environment so there’s actual content for the feature.


Who wants to interact with redundant UI that costs a lot of server power to host when CCP has limited space to do so?

Who wants to spend absorbent amounts of money/time to build something for a small community that may/maynot use it?

Who wants to fix all the extra bugs created by this every patch?

Please OP let WIS go…


If CCP wants more of my money, they will deliver.

In the end, CCP/EVE is just another business.

you dont matter !

2 things …

  1. then why they removed the CQ from the game ?
  2. you dont pay more … xD you either sub your account or you dont and the CQ dont change this state !

NO ! It was an absolute useless “feature!” … why have useless stuff if it only has upkeep but no rewards ?

Sometimes. “THE CUSTOMER” is wrong.

In the end CCP knows the ROI on walking in stations and have determined it is a massive waste of dev time and money.

Your community is too small and niche to warrant this investment.

And that is when businesses start to fall, when they forget who pays the bills.

You mean like character clothing and ship skins?

Their income is not just from subs. CCP has learned to monetize many aspects of the game, like skills for example.

Why did they remove it? Because it was part of a bad setup/release and it left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Because they released it prematurely without thinking it through. At that time CCP was just trying to meet release dates regardless of whether their stuff worked or not. I recall the Jita insurrection during that times as well as a mass exodus to that other EVE clone game with robots (I forget the name).

A smart developer would return CQ and monetize it. Make it what other games call “player housing.” Want an expansion, more features, more rooms. Just pay up $$$.
Want a built in simulator room to test your rig? Pay up $$$. A Corp board meeting room? Pay up $$$

The options can be endless.

What investment? The code has already been written. Just blow the dust off it. Add more flashy to it and there you go.


Golly not that you say that it should be no sweat. Totally wont break the game and years of patches that have been added on over the years.

It shouldn’t. Good coders can get around it. If you are a slave to your own code then you did a terrible job of programming.

Most of original devs are gone dude. It’s the new devs figuring out what the old devs did when the game was first built 20 years ago.

I mean you could go apply to CCP and sift through it! 20 years of code + all the added stuff probably will create unintended events.

not you xD they simply dont care about single individuums … and the majority of eve player dont care abotu the CQ either …

its not useless ! you can show other ppl what you have … CQ is for everyone the same and you cant do anything with it!

and what did they could sell ? the CQ itself ? doesnt make sense …

and almost nobody cares as they removed it xD and the 0,1% of player who still liked it are just irelevant !

useless stuff … you want player housing ? then play a game which has this feature ! eve dont need this … eve is not a game for the characters → its a game for the ships youre flying …

maybe you need to play SIMS oO its sounds you like it ! but dont bring the SIMS to eve … no need ! no usage ! and CCP already removed the CQ and they made their choice !

For now. :wink:

forever !

There are many programming jobs that require new people to go over archaic code. One insurance company that I know of still uses COBOL. It requires it’s new programmers to be fluent in it. It’s nothing new in the business and again, what they get paid for.

As for unintended stuff. Bugs will always be there. It’s part of coding.

calm down dude … they dont bring it back ! they said it would be to much work for only a few ppl to use it !

if you read the thread from CCP then you will exactly known why they removed it and that its never gonna come back !

Preparing For The Future – Retirement Of Captain’s Quarters & Twitch Integration | EVE Online

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