Return my private cabin

Return my private cabin


How about a resounding NO

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If I could I would! But I don’t know how.

Oh hell no.

I’ll never understand why people would rather stare at a station interior than their hulking, million tonne death machines.

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Private cabins are teh FUTURE!

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I don’t want to stare at a station interior, I want to go to the bar and have a beer or two!


Because I’m a station trader. Yes, we exist!

Change of scenery. Which is always the same in eve. I too wanted a full station interior purely for aesthetics. You can be sure eve’s replacement will have one in some fashion or another down the road.

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Replacement? What replacement? There can be only one!

WiS served no real purpose and it would ifact make day to day tasks take longer, so instead of clicking a UI to open the market to then buy an item to then open the fitting menu to then fit the module you have to run to the market counter, buy the item, run back to the hangar to open another window just to fit the thing you just bought, WiS wouldn’t have improved the game in any way that actually matters, we want things to be quick to do

First of all, WIS never happened, it was private cabin.

CQ had a purpose for over 9000 players.
More than curently play Valkyrie on Steam.


Let me dress my corpses!

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I liked all the different station interiors. I wish I could have gotten a pic of my orca parked in an Amar gold station

It didn’t have a purpose for any players, get real. It’s just like skins, a purely cosmetic addition that had no effect on gameplay at all.

But people use them.

And the cost to maintain proved to be too high for the returns it got. At that point, it got axed as it should.

I have heard that the right interior designer can make wonders with a station container

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Yeah! Return the Captain’s Quarters… Because reasons and stuff.

It had so much purpose, too. Like SORT OF being a rationalization as to why there’s even a character creation system in the first place. WITH CLOTHING.



Agent Smith will lay it all down.

There weren’t 9k people using it at the end, thats over the life of the game, and that includes new players because the default setting was for CQ to be enabled :stuck_out_tongue: