So Why did CCP remove the option to walk in station?

I’ve always wondered why they bothered to take that out of the game. Was it hurting someone’s feelings?


Were your feelings hurt because of them removing it ?

No, but I feel sad.


So many threads about that! a bit research about a subject can be very useful you know.

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CCP did not want to bother itself with keeping it up to date and bug free.

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They also decided to finally remove it because such a small percentage of people actually used it.


Because the vast majority of the player base had it turned off. Because it was a massive development time sink. Because it was pointless.


Code was getting way outdated and buggy, and the relatively little usage it saw didn’t warrant the time required to bring it back up to date.

All the reasons for taking out the captains quarters were stated in the dev blog.

A very little section of the playerbase used the captains quarters compared to the amount of dev time maintaining the feature actually took.



Yes, that part was coded in an abandoned engine that cannot compile to 64 bit. So instead of getting a compile error for the 64 bit client they took it out. It was as simple as that, but peruse some of the other posts, they will turn your frown upside down. :wink: This should be called the offical circus as all the clowns post here and the actual posts are on reddit.

This topic will close 3 months after the last reply. Make it today already. But cheers to some of the butthurted replies :blondesassyparrot:

Because it was shite.

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wtf with WOD cancelled it wasn’t needed anymore, lol


Because 99% of the Eve playerbase (bots) have no use for it.

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^ this

Players had been asking for People activities for ages. Since otherwise, our “characters” are just an excuse for a collection of skills. And our real characters are the ships we fly. Other games let you put on different armor and carry different weapons, we put on different ships with different fits.

But then CCP started trying to work on a World of Darkness MMO on the side. And they needed a test bed for mechanics like wearing clothes and moving around environments and interacting with furniture. So they gave us CQ to test it out for them. But then the contract flopped, and WoD went away. And since they didn’t need to test anything anymore, they gave up on CQ and went back to focusing on ships instead.

Luckily, Eve players are still amused by playing dress up with their paper dolls. So CCP occasionally comes out with new clothes they can charge $10 for (who needs micro transactions, when you can do macro transactions!). Only now you can’t really appreciate the outfits, except in your driver’s license photo.

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Shriveled and shrinked CCP had no choice but to pursue ship and structure SKINs development to make up most buck from crew that can do now mostly only microdevelopment for microtransactions. Other choices were too expensive.

Even popularity of CQ on par with wormholes did not save it. For what it was, it was enjoyed by fairly big crowd.

why bother if the extra load time to load CQ to be in station for all of 5 secs, more to the point is why do we have to dock to do quick things like turning in a mission to get a new one? I can see if your getting a couriour and dropping off/picking up at the agent station, but thats “outdated” by ccp logic.

Ironically you don’t have to dock to unload cargo.


it was because everytime there was a change they had to work on that useless feature to

needed a lot of love but was without any benefit for the game itself
getting free power on the servernodes needs to move stuff out to other servers or take unused stuff out of the game