Captains Quarters

I was watching some really outdated videos on Eve, and notice the user in question visit the captain’s quarters. It was a third person view, from inside the ship (or station idk). Is this still possible today?


It was removed because it served no functional game use and was wasting valuable developer time and resources. It also caused some graphics cards to catch fire.

It was removed due to being developped in a 3rd party 32bit compileable code. It was blocking the 64bit development and will return when/if a better tool is found that works with the 64bit architecture.

Read the dev blogs.

It was useless and the vast majority never used it.

Your opinion does not change the facts.

I just told you the facts. Calm down miner.

64 bit fact. Calm down genius. Your feelings about wis have been understood. This is why so many people want to play eve online. The awesome community of openminded smart people.

Chill out man. Show me on the doll where the big nasty community touched you :


Last I saw, a dev said they had NO plans to bring WiS back.

keep hoping they bring wis back

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