Eve Online in General

i been around for a while , i have never complained , and i am not complaining about any feature / cash shop item / module / ship

i am wondering What happened to this ?

CCPs Chanel:

What happened to buying an Office in a Station and having a Store there ?

What happened to exploring a wormhole docking in a derelict “space-station” having your ship be disabled and the only recourse to getting back to civilization being a your Gun some Bullets ?

what happened to Atmospheric flight ?

what happened to all the work you guys put in when you gave us the captains quarters just to remove the feature ?

what happened to the Eve online that was promised to us players 12 years ago ?

i am not angry i am just disappointed, the development of this game seems like this lead by some one with the attention span and drive of a 5 year old , you dream up something cool , start working on it , tell everyone , then leave it half baked and unfinished only to change your mind/remove it at the 1st sign of difficulty and repeat this again.

and time dilation … this is not a mechanic, its a band aid to poor server optimization/code, its is not ok to have something that lasts minutes/hours last 10x longer, kills immersion and also people have lives to go back to as well

you want more players to play the game and want peps to stay , keep your word , we don’t need more complexity , we need more immersion.

also on a side note who over there at CCP is the dumb ass that keeps having the bright idea of putting “spinoffs” etc of this game on Consoles/other platforms and not integrating everything into the same client ? ( replace that guy with some one in touch with reality)

reality check this is EVE ONLINE its a PC title its complex enough that most players stay away,
Cater to your audience and your player base will grow. if you do that you will stop having a subscription problem, make your products accessible to us and stop trying to chase a quick buck , get rich quick schemes don’t really work in the real world.

now can we get the ■■■■ that was promised to us , and shown over 10 years ago ?

you need a new client for something … ok… Add a new button to the launcher ffs …


Safe flights


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