So Why did CCP remove the option to walk in station?

(Nana Skalski) #21

Thats a stretch. Game felt more immersive for some people (probably not the minmaxing crowd spending whole time in asteroid belts in null or on gatecamps).

(Lulu Lunette) #22

They took it out because they didn’t wanna bother with fixing the way the new textures and lighting (something that was needed for better and more advanced skins) was affecting how Captain’s Quarters looked. Ultimately they had to get rid of it because they felt like finally admitting CQ was basically vestigial. Their current direction is to be more like the rest of the industry with skins and microtransactions. This is not meant as a slight to CCP, it’s just the way it is gonna be. Hilmar made a hint on Twitter a while back that it’s possibly not entirely a dead project though so here’s hoping.

Maybe he’s just teasing us. :wink: You’ll have to read the thread for context.

:purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

(Lulu Lunette) #23

To add to my point and why statistics should be questioned as well, they released the Citadels patch and then used their metrics of how almost nobody uses CQ anymore. I thought that was a very lame argument and didn’t necessarily tell a whole story. The writing was on the wall when Citadels had no CQ. I admit - I was mad, but in the minority when CQ was cheered away. Check out the difference when they rolled out this new ‘engine’ (or whatever you call it I’m not a computer person) when SKINs became a priority:

Anyway, hopefully it’s something they can visit again with a parent company that seems to have deep pockets. BDO is a thing of screenshot beauty like there are so many character selfies

(Ronnie Rose) #24

It was not cost effective to maintain the legacy code for WIS whenever they made patches and updates, so they took it out.

(Nana Skalski) #25

As I know him, he teasing.

(Claire -42a) #26

I think Station Quarters were the summon of eve immersion. in my case at least. I just loved it being there while updating market orders and doing stuff irl at the same time. And to be honest.

They could rework it and make the agents be there or come there for missioning. pop up dialogue style. that can’t be too hard to script

(JuuR Zibaoo) #27


ok … so tell me what benefit hat the captains quarter?


(Buoytender Bob) #28

Just another example of CCP’s ideas and concepts out running their development ability and resources. Now, if your could combine the resources ,both financial and manpower wise, of a triple A game company with the creative ideas and vision of CCP…Well, THAT would be some game. Whether or not PA fulfills this is yet to be seen.

(Nana Skalski) #29

But as I already wrote, some people did not appreciate such things at all.

(Ashterothi) #30

This is mostly correct.

Really CCP wanted to expand their development portfolio to include a game engine. They wanted to compete with Unreal and the likes, and thus they worked on CARBON.

CARBON was meant to power Walking in Stations, Dust, and WoD. However, as time went by it was clear that making a full 3d engine like this was incredibly difficult and the EVE side of the project, the one which would be released first, was scaled back over and over until ultimately it limped out the gate with a single room, the Minmatar Captains Quarters.

The issue here is that not only did CCP need it to not fail so spectacularly, but they had bet the house that it would be a huge winner. When it wasn’t and the summer of rage happened, CCP was forced to admit defeat and fire a large percentage of staff to make up for it. This marked the end of development towards CARBON.

Eventually they released the other CQs, the ones they had nearly ready, but all development past that was stopped to work on “Flying in Space” features. Dust ultimately released powered by Unreal, and as we all know WoD was backburnered until they could finally scuttle it outright.

So yeah, CQ was built on a dream that was never fully realized or developed on, in a time with very different standards for coding. You could either update the CQ to be 64 bit compliant, but that would sink yet more resources into this failed project. Instead, they opted to cut it loose, and allow for the game itself to move on. They could always revisit WiS again, though I suspect that will be based on Nova’s success.

(Salt Foambreaker) #31

I think people don’t realize CQ had duplicate interfaces for many station functions; it was a lot more than a couch and TV.

(Nana Skalski) #32

The game isnt goin anywhere. with their current situation they are able to make very minimal profit. Spaceships online isnt so good of a game after all, especially not for everyone.

(Pace eGuerra) #33

ok … so tell me what benefit hat the captains quarter?

You could walk down the ramp and admire the beauty of your wiggling arse.

(Rocket Hellfire) #34

It was stupid?.. lame?
Took up unnecessary resources? I wish I could do my taxes through Captains Quarters… said nobody ever. It was pointless.

(Salt Foambreaker) #35

It HAS TO BE pointless.

Anything it can do is either DUPLICATE


Forces people who don’t want to WiS to WiS


It has nothing to do with EVE

(Cypherous) #36

Thats a personal benefit, not a benefit to the game itself, that would be like saying a skin was a benefit to the game because you were the only person who liked the colours, WiS didn’t actually add anything of meaningful value to the game outside of making some people obsessed with dress-up happy, even if they had continued to waste resources adding to it, it would have been ignored by most of the playerbase and still ended up as a technical debt

(Nana Skalski) #37

I was talking about CQ here, the whole ambulation idea was sold initially as something more serious, with multiplayer aspect and exploration part, and that was never delivered, only CQ, so there you have it, I showed what CQ meant, and your efforts to downplay it when it was liked by not also me but a lot more players, is futile, we still have seen it as valuable game asset. When CCP will remove what you like, and what you did not ask to be removed, then you will feel the same thing.

(JuuR Zibaoo) #38

and that has what benefit for the game?

(Cypherous) #39

The difference being, that while CCP “claimed” it would have loads of features, realistically it wouldn’t have panned out like that, CCP could tell they had over promised on a project that could never deliver anything more than a slower version of the EVE UI, i remember the initial claims on what it would be used for, i remember the talks of having virtual spaces for corps to have strategy meetings etc, but the scope of having that many avatars in a single location made it a worthless plan when you could just use some sort of screen sharing to do exactly the same

They tried to sell an idea that could never actually be realised, it was basically the same as star citizen is doing now, endlessly promising but not really delivering :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nana Skalski) #40

Star Citizen is building stuff and releasing it as you post that what everyone who lived thru Incarna and the WoD, VR fiasco knows. The issue with CCP was always management. It lacks clear vision, it lacks management skills, it lacks what you could say professionalism. When you would put away fanboyism glasses to see what Star Citizen made in regards to programming and future vision, how it fills the blank spaces, yo would have so little of respect towards CCP. But fanboyism cant be fixed.