Bring back the Incarna update!

So like everybody know the Incarna update that lets you walk around the stations was removes because people didn’t like it. But people didn’t like it because the community wanted the devs to fix bugs and glitches at the time more then make more and so they removed it from the game. and now at this point people may have forgotten about it, but not me and my friends.
We would like to have it back and maybe improved. if it comes back I would like to think of big group pictures. like from alliances that make huge groups. and I don’t know that others want that update back or anything like it but I think it would be more immersive if you could walk around and find the career agents yourself instead of getting a massage from them. but I will stop talking now and see what others think. Well bye and see everyone in New Eden.


No, we don’t.


And becuase it had no substance.

If they can back it up with some gameplay rather than simple space barbie it would last longer and be a much more worthwhile investment.

Eve Online is a spaceship game, not a barbie game.


I am not sure when I playing and have permanently zoomed out … I think i have been playing Space invaders in 3d

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Then why are there so many clothing items, facial augmentations, implants, skirts, cyborg parts and so on? You don’t make sense.

I want WIS back as well and fully implemented. This is the vision I believe in and why I still play. I want this:

But CCP rather listens to fake barbies like Chanaar.


OK lets try this, CCP no longer has the talent to deliver this in anything other than trailers.


:red_circle: THAT is very true, however. And it pains me immensely.

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Once we could hope, that those Dusties would be enabled to hack that door, burst into cq and murder you outright, stealing all your stuff kept at the station, while you were not in your pod. Not being in your pod you should have lost all skillpoints rght down to the last clone update on top.

That would have been worthwile EVE Gameplay and a worthwile link to Dust 514 as well.

But there’s no Dust 514 now anymore…

They never needed any of that, all they ever needed was two person pods :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh and the answer to this is … Microtransactions bring in more $$ to the CCP accounts.

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:red_circle: In other words: EVE is a barbie game, just that you cannot look at your barbie outside the Full Body character preview and character creator/changer. There is no other venue to see your characters and use the bountiful clothing variety. It is pretty much a barbie game with a barbie in a plastic box.


Wait, why CCP even went with 3d pilot portraits? They were not necesary at all, and EVE had them since forever. :thinking:
They could have just provided a capsule with name. Generic body inside, turning into a corpse when capsule destroyed.

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I agree with you 100%.

In fact for a long time that was CCP’s vision as well. Then they got gun shy after the Incarna Incident. Hell, they even tried to make it work for Exploration sites but got too much opposition from an extremely vocal minority.

Obviously some of them are still here spouting the same lame-ass ‘Hurr Durr Spaceships, Not Barbie’ crap.


Incarna delivered almost nothing of what it promised. We got no bar’s, no corporate planning rooms, no seedy meeting rooms. We got the captains quarters, where we could sit on the couch and watch adverts (or maybe if you were clever you could hack it to show a movie).

How much development time and how much money did Incarna cost? The rest of the game pretty much languished while Incarna was worked on (18 months?).

In my opinion it was not worth it and yes I would be completely happy to not have avatars and go back to just a headshot. The only reason we haven’t gone back to that is that CCP has sold so many clothing items for (the equivalent) real money that the outrage would outshine the sun.

Generally I find my views on Eve pretty much always align with yours DMC, but in this case we will have to differ.

Nah, if anything they were far ahead technically/graphically with Incarna, and they still are, with some very cool looking projects (see link below). The artists of ccp have never let us down, they are one of the strongholders imho. The CQ, as was explained was simply past its time in terms of code and too tough to keep doing maintenance on.

The link deals with character stuff and a bit further with changes for Aura that they are experimenting with. Very cool stuff. Better still, watch the whole video :slight_smile:

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The avatars still look pretty cool.

I liked the idea of using avatar gameplay to expand on exploration. But what was the gameplay going to be like? Nothing like CQ was it? That’s the problem, it took years to make but it didn’t even scratch the surface of anything gameplay like. It’d take an entirely different engine to flesh it out. It is, for all intents and purposes, a separate game.

Dust and project nova were a step towards avatar gameplay in eve and CQ might have been some transition between the two. But first…first…you need a game to play as an avatar. Which has never happened.

take away the avatar of CQ yet still want us to buy clothes for cash

Cosmetic upgrades as per usual of pretty much every game.

People are still buying them aren’t they?..

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