Character creator options so poor

Just got back to EVE after some years, and as I see, no new clothes or accesories has been added in years. I see there are some stuff in new eden store, but just a very few stuff.
Why CCP not adding new stuff to this aspect?
Just some more colors in sunglasses for example, or some jewerly, necklance, tattoo, some new hairstyle, headwears, etc.
Also some new lights and backrounds for the photo mode.
It’s really not a lot of development time.


there are sun glasses?! I never knew

Not for amarr i quess…

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Why invest time in feature that affects only your picture in chat?

Because everybody likes their characters.
Making some cheap 3D models like glasses or tattos is not a big investment on the development side.
Anyway, why invest in Ship Skins? It’s a same thing.
Make yourself more unique and personalised.

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That’s another issue with characters.
Make walking on stations great again!

The answer to both questions is simple though: for the past 4-5 years CCP’s been busy rebalancing stuff several times over and wasting resources on pointless events instead of making new content and gameplay.


Why you want to walk in stations?

It’s not simple, making some clothing is not a big dev investment. They can hire some artist also.
Also they making tons of skins, so…

so we can leave our capsules. it sounds cool.

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Please no…

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To have WIS, the Devs need to make an entire 1st or 3rd person game engine. Probably 3rd person. This has to be also done such it doesn’t cause issues with the rest of the spaceship game making it even more complex.
This is not something you do ‘because it is cool’
You need to have deep and multiple reasons and gameplay elements that require WiS, and honestly, much as I want it, no-one has come up with elements that make sense with the rest of the game.


Ye, that’s why forget about it, just give us some sunglasses and some cool headwear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Buy it in game then!
No cheaps, Gold Monocles!

Because it opens up a whole new faucet of the gameplay: lore-expanding quests, roleplay, cutscenes, meeting actual people, showing off, player housing, the whole industry of making items for player housing, and general feeling of “I’m a person, not a ship”


It’s still more reasonable than 4 years of rebalancing.
Fugured, if devs are busy doing pointless work anyway they might as well do this instead. There are always people who keep recreating processors in minecraft, doom in ms excel or raycasting engines in factorio - may be hire one of those.


why not just replace the ship model with the character model? we can still use the “approach” or “orbit” controls we use for ships. it will look weird but…

okay maybe its a horrible idea to have people floating around in stations.

There is stuff in market. But also not released stuff is there also…

Erm… the only thing when i want to take a walk in a station is when i’m stuck in a system with a lots of hostiles and i can’t undock, nor i reach the markets or my PI. Other than that, i rather do something in my ship meanwhile i chat, because it generates ISK. Walking in stations just screw your ISK/hour ratio, so everyone would abandon it after 15 minutes if it would be introduced it to the game.

What about the contacts that give you more than ISK? If I wouldnt know people, I wouldnt had so much fun.

But as it was, it wasnt adding to socialization, because it was only single player environment.

If there would be a way to make ISK, even when it would stay single player, I am sure people would use it more.

If it would be a multiplayer environment, even without possibiity to make ISK, just basic interactions, I am sure people would use it more.


Amazingly a great many people are not obsessed with always maximising their isk/hr.


Also there are things that doesnt involve spaceship, that make you lots of isk, like trading and manufacturing, and solving discovery project puzzles. Planetary interactions also are 90% just updating extractors.