Character creator options so poor

Ok, I really like the WiS idea, but this is just not this game. We could also integrate No Man’s Sky proc-gen planets, or FPS-games (that’s what CCP tried and failed badly), etc. But that’s just an other game. This is EVE.
After the newness of WiS shines out and you stared other’s 3D avatars, a very small portion of players would use it regularry i guess. 99% of my game time i can find better things to do than hang around and chit-chat, especially if i can do that on Mumble meanwhile mining or something.

CCP wrote that 3% of people used it when they measured it at the end. That was like amount of people living in wormholes.

But WIS was abandoned completely because of amount of work that was needed to bring it to 64bit, and some software they had was too old.

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Yeah, without the possibility of having cybersex with other capsuleers, its meaningless development, so i glad they abandoned it.

Cybersex happens anyway, with WIS or not, I think its more than that. Just amount of work projected and reasons why it would be a thing, both were not seen by CCP leadership as something worth doing.

There was a mass riot when they made it anyway. So they won’t make it ever.

But rioters didnt want the direction CCP goes, mainly with microtransactions, and that was because of Hilmar himself pricing the monocles, at 70$. There were memes about it. The store came first even before the environment. The doors that were closed became a meme too. Not WIS.

Just how it was all done, not that WIS was done.

CCP have a lot of good ideas but they dont realize them or realize them badly. Back in the days it was them developing too much products at the same time too.


Clothes and skins are pricy nowdays also, but that’s not a problem at all. Cool stuff needs to be available when you have money for it, or things like that. But they should add some basic items, because the supply that you can choose now is very low :roll_eyes:

I hope they will get some inspiration from the Cyberpunk 2077 character generator :slight_smile:

You have a lot of ship skins tho. That is their main focus now.

I hope they will get some inspiration from the Cyberpunk 2077 character generator

There were many cybernetics added in last few years, even including whole upper torso cybernetics you can wear without clothes and show to everyone.

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I agree with OP. And more often than not, when there is new apparel, it’s a recoloring of an existing piece, minimal effort involved.

Finding the Edencom (or Triglav) Armor to be just a recolored version of pre-existing armor, after all that grinding of trigs (or edencommers) was a disappointment, although not unexpected (sad, innit?). I understand that the more worked out pieces have to go into the monetization corner of the NES. On the other hand artists are usually (and rightfully so in Eve) proud of their creations, so it’s more likely to be a case of priorities, liberty and time constraints.

I wonder if any of the people on the art team behind the character creator are still with the company.
On the other hand, as so often is the case in EvE, time between iterations of a feature is measured in years…

My feelings on the WiS are dual. Most of the time I did not use it. But just sometimes I would let my character plant himself on the comfy sofa, look at the screen, view planets, play with that amazing 3D ship model on the coffee table. It helped immersion - more so because Dust514 featured a similar quarters with fewer functionalities.

Can’t help but notice that there is someone on the art team who is absolutely enamored with Gallente ships. That is the only race that is able to make even the lowliest skin look great. And no, it’s not because Gallente ships look so great by themselves (my opinion at least). And there’s a person in there somewhere who has a grudge against the Amarr, stealing most of the gold on their beautiful ships :imp:… We need a word with him !

But tthese people were fired before WIS was removed. There was 2 or 3 people including programmers who sometimes only interacted with that part, mostly fixing bugs. The clothes was art department role, I think they have 1 or 2 people for that stuff, not full time even. Last original thing they made was few years ago:

Oh I would forget facemask. But its a very simple model, not worth mentioning really.

There were retexturings and some small background code avatar updates, but nothing visible in game, like the code when character enimates.

Oh and this may be some big stuff as texturing goes

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for those asking about why would someone want WiS…

Well there is another space ship game that I know of, soon the only real thing lacking would be Player manufacturing and actual player markets.
But here is an example I can think of to answer the why question…

and yes its elite dangerous


Indeed, that looks like the last thing that went into production (plus the trig and edencom ships artwork, warp tunnel effects, structure updates etc). At Eve Vegas 2019 they showed some ongoing work for the NPE, a revamp of Aura and interaction with agents during missions more than just vaguely reminiscent of the WiS. See eve vegas 2019 art - characters .
But yes, a fashion designer on the art team would be great again, and Chloe would undoubtedly warm up to a new garderobe.

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Nice stuff. I was thinking about some more of a fashion stuff.
Like these:

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I like ED, but these two things plus lack of perpetuality, plus instancing out the wazoo, plus poor matchmaking, plus no actual goal over credit accumulation mean I find it hard to like either game more than the other, both at once wouldbe better.

It still remains to be seen if Odyssey is much more than just the same empty (though fun for a while) experience Horizons was.

Oh and their Character maker is atm absolutely rubbish. All the male characters look like their old Community Rep Ed.

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yep, understood…

but my point with showing that is that other games are more than probably going to be setup to be direct competitors with EvE, sooner rather than later.

ED does not have a sub, its pay once…i have had the game since 2014.

EvE has had dust 514, a demo for WiS, and it has a great design concept promoting Empire building and social interaction required to make player Empires real.

So why cant EvE create WiS, and port 514 to PC and make this ■■■■ happen?

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YEah I get ya, it wasnt really the point, but just pointing out that Frontier may just make a glorified QC.

But I honestly hope not. I hope its good.

I was a sucker for the lifetime membership dealy.

Silly me.

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This was after they changed everyone to disable it by default, overrode all existing settings using it, and hid turning it back on in an obscure place that was hard to find even if you looked.
And after having neglected it for years.
And yet 3% of people still used it despite no profit.


Funny story, I once docked up to use the loo.

So I landed, undocked my pod from my ship, and realised Id left the hangar view on.

“No problem”, I thought “Ill just hit QC open button and do a poo on the sofa.”

Of course that was the time they moved undock button too.

Fell out of station.

Meh, hang your arse over the railings and let go, especially in Amarr stations.