Apparel - Why no Shades / Sunglasses?


Can you consider adding some shades for apparel?

I do not understand why we have two types of spectacles, two types of a monocle, two types of welding goggles and a pirate patch thing, but absolutely no sunglasses options.

It seems really strange that this has been omitted. Is it for good reason or is this something you can add for us? Amarr have no sunglasses to choose from sadly.


Look at my character potrait.

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Thats right.

CCP could you also add robes for other races? And other clothes would be good, available for everyone, not race specific.

I dont know for how many years that wasnt fixed.

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One of the main reasons I play EVE is to play dolls and dress-up…

Need more shorter skirts for the ladies. Also make hover tights work like they are supposed to.

Why no Tophats?

A lot of people would want those

I agree.

I’m not sure but I don’t think Amarr has any Vests available either. Also Gallente and Caldari have a very large amount of Jackets available in different colors. The other 2 Factions have these same type of Jackets also available but are limited to just 2 different color versions.

Gallente style

Caldari style


Not trying to be insulting, on the contrary: Your character looks like a “Young Buck” who’s 60 years old, yet as capable and battle ready as a mid 20s. It’s like the old man who’s been at it for so long, stopping isn’t even an option anymore. And doesn’t need to, either. It’s a pleasing portrait to look at.

Supposed to do what? Make you hover? :smiley:

Apparel is pretty much worthless now anyway since the Captains Quarters were binned. And the new forum avatars are tiny compared to the old ones so you can’t even show off a decent portrait here.

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I want silk stockings.


“sadly”? Blasted heretic. Sunglasses are not Amarr! …and no other race deserves the robes, either!

They are not considered “bottoms” by the character editor they are listed as “bottoms, extra” so unless the outfit has some flag that doesn’t require pants then they can’t be worn without pants covering them. There are a few coats that for whatever reason work with them like the one i’m wearing however several of the dress tops like the rocket dress that have shorter skirts or the outlaw coat won’t allow hover tights without pants over them.

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