I apologize for imposing my presence yet again in these forum for the second day in a row but I have to scratch this itch, you know how it is…

What happened to the sunglasses option in the character creation part ?
Is it still there and I’m too blind and stupid to find it ( very possible ) or did they completely do away with it ?
Forgive me if I don’t keep up with all of EVE’s blogs if it was mentioned in one but I’ve been busy keeping up with a few novelties and only login into EVE when I’m tired of playing my other games.
Why did they take away the sunglasses ? Is there a good logical reason or is it another one of their whim ?

Sunglasses are available in the NES (New Eden Store) for PLEX.

EDIT: Apparently I’m wrong. I thought there were sunglasses available in the NES. They only have plain glasses.

Yes, sunglasses are available in character creation/character customization. Unfortunately I took the OP’s comments of the sunglasses no longer being in creation/customization as it must be a thing.

I haven’t rolled a new character in ages and I don’t play dress-up so I haven’t been in the customization screen for some time. Apologies for my error. Wasn’t trying to troll.

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They’re still here.


They didn’t.

The only glasses in the NES are the “Mirelle” Upwell Executive Spectacles. Sunglasses are where they’ve always been.

Some glasses models are free. Some are in the NES.

Conflicting responses here… What to believe ?
I created another toon yesterday to transport my stuff back and forth and didn’t see any option to add sunglasses, hence my post so it seems I’ll be taking Celine’s answer as the correct one.

Celine is mistaken. My screenshot above shows the sunglasses for a new character.
Clothes > Eyewear

You are.

They didn’t.

Those responses both say the sunglasses are still around.


Always believe me

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Okay okay okay… they’re still around ! Gees, forgive me for asking as I didn’t see the option yesterday.

Please, don’t make this thread another battle !

I’m OUT.

Be well, everyone.

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Maybe your sunglasses are a bit too dark that you couldn’t find them? :sunglasses:

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Nobody has a problem with you asking questions. Ask away.

But please have the courtesy to review answers in full before claiming there are contradictions. 90 seconds in the game after Gerard’s post would have verified the image he posted as genuine, and that there is ALSO a sunglasses option in the NES, making both replies accurate regarding where to find sunglasses (location in character editor + where to get additional designs).


My initial response was mistaken. I’ve edited it to add this info and reflect my error. Wasn’t trying to troll in this case.


@Mkikaden_Tiragen sent you an EVEmail :incoming_envelope:

Sunglasses for Amarr!

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Sunglasses are for shady people anyway


ba dum tsh


Ugh! At least you didn’t call a character a “toon”.


Reading is hard for you isn’t it?

@Gerard_Amatin just said: They’re still there, with a picture of him in character customization showing it.

@Vals_Loeder (nice name btw :wink: ) just said to your question when they were removed, they weren’t

aka, both say, they are still there. Why do you have to make a fuzz about something that is very clear?

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode - Why do obvious trolls are not hammered down harder?

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