Idea: Apology Sunglasses

Hey CCP,

Was just reading through the mega thread about the connectivity stuff.

It suddenly occured to me, how about you issue everyone with a nice black pair of sunglasses (or put them in the store, Ill pay) so that we can forget all about this disruption to our immersion?


Yep…beeing left with garbage nobody needs or wants is the answer to this issue…

I would appreciate this, or similar gestures.

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Don’t we already have a bunch of options for free sunglasses in the character customization screen?

Sunglassee? I thought you had bee eyes.

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I let my subs expire today. The right thing to do would have been not to run the timer on subs during this last week, pause the sp events, and have a freeze on SOV. Instead they carried on like it was a small issue that only a few dealt with.

I renewed mine, 6 accounts, dropping subs is just rewarding the attackers. Way to reward the attackers. Besides, my skill queues and PI are running no different that if I had been busy for a week and not logged in.

CCP will give us SP, that is what has happened in the past.


As a sir, I prefer an apology monocle and top hat.


QFT :+1:

How about: no, go away?

CCP being a dumpsterfire at operating or hiring a CDN for their login server, forums, and ingame chat systems is CCP’s fault. This entire incident is very avoidable, everyone in IT is very aware of these issues. They bear the responsibility for their inability to provide a service that is being paid for.

its like Blue Bell not sealing their ice cream, then losing millions in sales after some moron opens and licks the ice cream at one store and uploads the video. the lost sales is Blue Bell’s fault for not securing their product from tampering. If every half gallon was sealed to begin with, the one that was broken open and the video would have been immediately dismissed as a single lost half gallon, not millions in lost sales, they really should thank the girl for showing them the error of their ways.

We’ll probably get either extra Omega time or extra skillpoints, but I would much rather want an extra remap since I already spent all mine and I don’t remember if CCP ever gave a remap as a reward for whatever.

No, go away! :stuck_out_tongue:


No. :skull_and_crossbones:

Im not sure your analogy is quite on point, although I did find it very interesting none the less.

EVE is a single shard game, I think that makes it vulnerable to DDOS. It would actually be more analogous to a single massive vat of ice cream rather than one for each of us.

My personal theory? Someone probably was caught making a mess with their icecream, and had their icecream taken away, and now has tried to DDOS to spoil everyone elses desert.

I cant think why anyone would do this unless its some kind of sour vengeance for being banned by the anti cheating systems.


Your name sums you up.



DDoSinator glasses idea approved

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“Reward for DDoS” is really… unique.
Compensation would be a better term. And there is nothing to compensate with remaps.

haha DDoSinator glasses, great idea for a name.

I fully love this.

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