Sun Glare Finally Diasabled

Today is a happy, happy day. CCP has now provided two comprehensive solutions to sun glare:

  1. An entire region without sun glare.
  2. A UI-Only option that disables sun glare in any system

Excuse me now while I dance and celebrate. :partying_face:

I would like to specifically thank @Mike_Azariah and @Brisc_Rubal for their personal involvement.


As always, you’re welcome.





Every once in a while, the CSM does something good for us.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Great to hear. At work, so the rest of this build’s feedback I’m following sounds like a modern day recreation of the radio broadcast of the Hindenburg disaster. It will be interesting when I finally get home and personally experience this… ,er, stuff.

Trig space is like a new shard for Eve. In theory you can play in Trig space and on the main Eve server, but mostly, you are supposed to pick a realm.

I love the non-graphic interface so so much.

And no, not sarcasm.

THe only thing that could make it better would be to make it so I can have green ASCI characters instead of actual icons in space pls

Where is this option, exactly?

I don’t see it in Display & Graphics


IFR flight isn’t my style, but thanks anyways! :crazy_face:

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I knew this was a trick! was so confused at first.

Still exists in 3D scene for non-Trig systems right? ■■■■ you Brisc :rage: (Mike is alright though he’s always good :+1:)

Don’t be bitter. Go kill some drifters / rogue drones!

@Mike_Azariah and @Brisc_Rubal Thank you!!! :joy:

The 1st thd I ever made was about this subject.

Now get to work on the red dots! :rofl:

The red dots will die only with the last flicker of the Eve servers.

All I ask for is an on/off switch…

It is on your computer.

I turned that one off back in Feb when I unsubbed all my accts. :wink:

You cannot unsub. You can only go to Alpha.

:rofl: Touche.