Glare from the sun is hurting my eyes! ;)

Please please please for the love of God - could you beautiful people add an option to dim down the glare from the sun? It’s blinding.

Thank you for reading this :wink: <3


Most screens are sold with contrast set to 100%. I suggest turning it down to 50%.

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You know, within my first year of playing this game I put the graphic settings on high and have never needed to mess with them afterwards. That was 11 yrs ago.

However the OP is correct, just lately I’ve noticed it too and was actually going to post a thread about it when I saw this one.

The default setting when spawning in a system after jumping has the camera view facing right towards the sun, it’s so bright the overview and any other windows can barely be seen.

Same when undocking or docking, the camera view is almost always facing the sun, again it’s so bright you’re actually blinded.

Even in warp, the light from the sun washes over everything. I’ve noticed I’m now continually turning the camera view so it’s facing down just so I can see my Overview. Eve space no longer looks beautiful, the glare and intense brightness from the sun washes over the actual color of the systems now.

This type of stealth graphic change from the Dev’s is unacceptable, they obviously don’t check their work on the test server before implementing it and more importantly, shows them to have a complete lack of quality in their work.

In most business companies, if you did the same shoddy work as what they’ve been doing, you’d be fired.

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Oh okay copy!

Need to check it out, as I usually try to avoid looking directly into the sun. Will check it out later when I get home.

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Well, there are a few systems where the sunlight is ok but overall the glare and light from most system suns is overpowering and should be toned down.

Perhaps this is related to the aging Eve playerbase. Our night vision deteriorates as we get older. BluBlockers might help.

I don’t think so, I asked a few players in-game if they noticed a change in the sun and lighting effect in space, they all said yes and that it was done recently.

Can you guys give me an example of a too bright star? I looked in Thera and Amarr but out the top of my head I don’t know which systems have blue hyper-giants, which I believe to be the issue here.

You can always put on sunglasses. :dark_sunglasses: :wink:


I think a PERFECT answer would be to allow for avatar eyewear that matches today’s technology and darkens and lightens as appropriate to the current light exposure levels.

Heck, I’d pay a couple million ISK for that…