Possible Bug? Sun glare

Hello, this is the first time I’m posting anything in the forum, so bear with me… Some of you might find it nit-picking, but anyway…

I’ve been playing EVE online for about 8 years ( on and off ) and one of the things I’ve really liked is the sun (star) glare effect ( I know it is a controversial topic for some people and some devs must be effin’ tired of this, but please “hear” me out ).

Recently, I’ve logged back in and noticed that whenever I pan my camera directly for a star, the glare disappears:

It kind of bums me, since I’ve always loved this amazing vista. Is this intended? Does it happen with anyone else?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Lens glare is caused by sunlight falling on the lens.

In the lower picture you’ve placed the lens in the shadow of your ship (by putting the ship in between the sun and camera), which results in a nice picture without glare.

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Thanks for your reply, but the sun is this one:

It’s not hidden by the shadow of the ship.

Oh, I missed that.

I don’t know if there’s an explanation for that, maybe someone else does.

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I’ve found the issue.

After unchecking the DirectX 12 option in the EVE launcher, the sun glare effect came back and never went away again.

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