sun glare make you blind to everything. need to have the option to disable it. like 10 years ago. Comon CCP


I agree and it definitely needs to be done like yesterday.

This issue has been raised in a couple of threads already, maybe we should all file bug reports on it with screen shots.

Anyway, this isn’t the correct sub-forum for this thread.

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We have polarized guns, why not polarized glasses? CCPlease

(To be honest I like the glare. It’s only a bit too much.)
(Also I’m aware that polarized glasses only reduce glare after reflecting on a surface and thus wouldn’t work in space, but meh.)

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So don’t warp straight to the sun? Don’t point your sensors, cameras, eyes, whatever straight at the sun? NASA knows not to do this, you’d think that thousands of years later EVE players will have retained that lesson!

Also… why is this in the exploration section?

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Yes indeed, struggling with camera and generally vision in space is a player skill that separates good players from the rest. We certainly don’t need to make EVE more like WoW. HTFU there are plenty of options like changing your graphic contrast or saturation, using old CRT monitor, using sun glasses to play EVE or just you know, play with some UI like wallet or system map blocking the space view, afterall who needs it, you can controll your ship just via overview like a true hardcore players. 3D space view is for cowards.

He found sun during exploration.

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@Trevor_Dalech @Vokan_Narkar

Unfortunately CCP programed the game so that 95% of the time when you spawn in space after undocking from station or jumping through a gate, your camera view is facing the sun.

Having to move the camera view to another position just adds more useless actions needing to be done in the process of playing this game. Not to mention that will also use up more of your invul cloak timer that is normally used to access your grid situation.

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I think you misunderstand me.

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If so then I apologize.

Still though, the sun glare definitely needs to be toned down.

You know how when you activate a Jump gate to another system and the gate jump effect shows on screen like you’re entering a tunnel?

Well, in some systems the sun glare is so bright, you can barely see that jump effect happening.

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Yes I know.

Also the fact that you did not saw through my sarcasm tells something as well - too many idiots with similar arguments that ppls really thought I am serious.

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Terrible argument. Sometimes you need to look in the direction of the sun for for unlimited reasons. its not like we choose to blind ourselves, it that we need to look in that direction but cant see jack.

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Wanting to see your tactical surroundings better is for cowards? um ok. No, its just a fault in the game that needs to be fixed. separates skilled players from the rest? dude you’re a moron.

He was being sarcastic, basically mimicking what Trevor Dalech said.

At least that’s what I got from his reply to me.

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I actually ask for this year’s ago, glad I’m not the only one.

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You could always wear sunglasses while you play not only will it protect your vision, you will look like you getting over a hangover from the night before🙂

Sun glare is a tactical thing.

Those that know how to used gain the advantage.

An attack with sun behind they gain an advantage of not been visually spotted. A defender/target could uses it in similar fashion.

Since the sun glare washes out the Overview and everything else on screen, that gives those already in space a definite advantage over players spawning in system after jumping or undocking from station. Sounds more like an exploit to me.

Players spawning in system or undocking from stations cannot be attacked right away, so they do have some protection while looking over their overview for any possible hostiles.

Using sun glare to avoid being visually spotted sounds like clever use of game mechanics to me. Not the bad kind, the good kind. Keeping the sun in your back to blind enemies has been a smart move ever since conflict exists and the sun exists.

Now if you tell me blind enemies is an unintended consequence of sun glare, it could be considered an exploit. But something tells me the current sun visuals are intended to replicate the effect of looking directly into the sun; I would be severely disappointed if it did not blind me.

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The issue is it washes out the Overview itself, as well as everything else on the screen. Now the player that just spawned has to move the camera view to another position just to see the overview, thus using up time that would normally be used to assess the grid while the session change timer is active.

Sorry but that effect only happens when looking at the sun shining through fog because of the moisture within the atmosphere, exactly like these photo’s:

You do know if you rotate your camera view you can stop the glare!

If i have it a rotation of camera view makes the glare disappear and if i what to look at the enemy i click “look at” on overview and rotate till i have a good screen.

I wonder how long that features been available?

How long have you been playing this game?

This issue is a recent development from CCP’s last graphics update, it doesn’t add anything to the gameplay experience, it actually diminishes the beauty of Eve and more importantly, it’s a distracting nuisance that breaks immersion into the game.

I don’t know why some of you players keep insisting on defending this sub-par graphics update as quality work, it’s nothing more than sh*t on a shingle, an eyesore that’s both annoying and irritating. If players continue to accept and make excuse’s for this type of crappy programming, then CCP will continue to implement sub-par low quality work.