“The future is so bright I got to wear shades”

Sorry I had to say it

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Lets see…

…this toon was made in early 2004, and had all items from old beta account moved to it.

If you think CCP development is sub-par, then you’ve seen nothing. There are much worse AAA MMO’s in beta that make CCP look amazing.

As i see it, if there’s and issue reported as an ingame bug ticket.

Bitching about it on the forums will get limited player support and next to no CCP traction, other than from forum moderators in the form of breaks in forum rules.

In most cases those that complain about new features haven’t given enough time allow for tweaking of feature, and tend to come across as self-entitled, self-righteous, winers, or at worse an idiot.

I agree with other that CCP are a bit lackluster in details on new features or balancing changes.

‘sub-par graphics’ is very subjective. Sure, you can have your opinion.

But in my opinion I enjoy this light far more than if it were all ‘realistic’ and space were completely dark apart from some pixels of light that are supposed to be stars, and a bigger brighter pixel in the middle of the solar system.

While the sun glare may be a bit much, it does the opposite of what you claim, it actually adds a lot to the gameplay experience and immersion. Combined with the (unrealistic) orientation of up and down, the sun glare gives players a sense of orientation and direction.

Sure, you can get that direction from looking on your probe map, but nothing beats simple visual clues while flying around.

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your a moron if thats what you think its for.

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yeah no. you people will make a made up excuse for anything just for the sake of disagreeing…

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100% correct my friend.

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Thanks, don’t know why those guys accept it as quality work.

Anyway, some say it doesn’t do any good to complain about things like that on the forums. Well I recently got a reply from CCP Dev’s here in the forums saying they are aware of the issue and will be implementing a fix asap.

Now when that happens only time will tell but at least I got a response from CCP about it.

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still waiting on that fix

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Yeah, doesn’t seem like it’s a high priority on their list of things to fix, even though the sun glare has been an issue for quite a while now.

I haven’t heard anything more about it after @CCP_Myrkur responded here on Dec 16, 2019 @ 4:27am with this statement:

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Yes, we should definitely disable the sun glare!

Been a while since I last checked in-game if the excessive sun glare is still an issue.

Anyway, thanks for posting to keep this thread topic active.

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Please, CCP.


Never knew NASA was able to warp to the sun. I served 14 years in the Air Force and got out recently and never knew this. This is news to me and probably most of the planet.

The thread lives again!!

I was referring to pointing your sensors or cameras towards the sun, unless specifically shielded it’s a bad idea. (For the same reason you don’t look straight the sun, even during an eclipse, without special goggles.)

As for “warping” to the sun, check out
it’s being described as the first mission that will “touch” the sun.

@CCP_Aurora @CCP_Dopamine

Come on, just exactly how long does it take to tone down the glare from the Sun?

The Glare in Heimatar Region is extremely bright and very annoying, the intensity of it needs to be cut in half, specifically in Rens and surrounding systems. In fact the camera view is always pointing right towards the Sun after session change of undocking from station or jumping into system.