Sun Glare

Does anyone else think that CCP should put in a graphical option to turn off the bloody sun?
Far too often I spin the camera slightly and then all of a sudden I burn out my damn retinas.

*edited due to offensive language


You need to put on :sunglasses: in character customization. :wink:


That’s probably a suggestion for Little things / Small QoL suggestions

Must admit, I spend a lot of time zooming out and panning the camera to get the right angle so I can see WTF is going on.

Immersion it’s called

Immersion would be a proper light filter, like in the movie Sunshine. With that I do not mean this useless wonky darkening of everything on the screen if just a tiny sliver of brightness enters the screen.

Camera drones and virtual marks on the screen generated especially for capsuleer’s eyes?
Immersion for sure…

Guess I wasn’t the only one, I suggested that years ago, you can see how that went.

good job i’m not a dev, i’d give ya the no sun option, but you;d be back within an hour whining you can’t see anything now and i’d reply, but you wanted the sun turned off, what did you expect? lol

I’d much rather play space pixels in the dark than need laser eye surgery everytime I play.

Protip: turn your monitor brightness down.

there isn’t a monitor out there that can cause the type of eye damage you’re talking about.

on a side note: a lot of serious medical conditions begn with sensitivity to light, i’d go talk to a doctor if i was you, just to be sure you’re ok.

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