Blindingly bright nebulae

Not sure where to put this, but can CCP please reduce the brightness or remove the bright nebulae from high-sec? They’re really distracting and annoying.


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I concur

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One of the reasons I don’t like Caldari space, the backdrop is violently bright and harsh.

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I brought up this subject in the forums so long ago, I can’t find it.

Best of luck this time around. :smiley:


Maybe a toggle in the tactical overlay that turns off the background?

Come through a gate/wh into a blinding sun with known hostiles waiting for you adds an extra tic to me anyway.

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Let me just rotate the camera and…


Lol it’s almost like Light Mode on Discord.

I’m fine with it. However I heard if you self-destruct your pod, it reduces the glare.

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Lol yeah, no glare in your home station.

I wonder, would I get their attention if I directly mentioned a GM or is that not the brightest idea (pun intended)? Otherwise they might never find this thread, I think.

Alright, I’m not sure who exactly to talk to about this, but I’ll at some of the art and graphics guys. Hopefully, they’ll get it to the right people.

@CCP_BlueScreen @CCP_Myrkur @Brisc_Rubal @Mike_Azariah


Lot’s of users/players are what I like to call “daywalkers.” They’re the kind of people that like sun-lit rooms and bright overhead lights. They like (or don’t mind) brightly lit scenes and glaring white U.I.'s because they keep their rooms brightly lit.

For us cave dwellers, however, a brightly lit scene can be quite harsh on our eye stalks… er, I mean eyeballs. Yes, I have eyeballs because I too am human…

nervously laughs

Anyway, our eyes become adjusted to our dimly lit rooms, dark themed programs, and black hearts. So, when you flash bright U.I.'s and scenes at us, it’s like blasting us with headlights at night.

Bright Light

I’m not sure why this is such a persistent problem across video games and apps. Perhaps, it is because most people work in brightly light offices, so the issue isn’t salient to them. Dunno. However, I assure you that the struggle is real. And that, in spite of this thread not getting a lot of attention, there are a significant number of us. In fact, here’s a link another forum thread that got a lot more support.

So, please, please, for the love of Zantharixtar, the world eater, please give us some graphics options to reduce glare and brightness. Hopefully, it won’t be too hard to do.

Oh, and yes, I’m aware that you can disable all graphics, but that’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Moreover, graphics aren’t just purdy. They can actually provide a lot of information that is useful for things like maintaining spatial awareness, spotting late broadcasts, and identifying what mods a person has running, or weapons they have fit.

Bonus memes


Oh, I almost forgot. Please fire whoever was responsible for this… out of a cannon, and towards a particularly sturdy wall.

Shipwreck Jones


Oh…glad to see I’m not the only one irritated by the brightness of things.


Agree! I don’t think they need to be that bright, keeping in mind that there is not much to hide… I guess.


Wait for the Winter Event…



My first trip to Caldari space, I thought my computer had gone wrong. Then when I realised it hadn’t, all I could think of was Stephen King’s ‘The Fog’.


I’d love to be able to reduce the intensity of the environment while keeping the UI elements readable.

It’s technology we have now, surely it’s been rediscovered in the far future. :wink:


Why not just replace the existing skybox with a darker, more realistic one?



There should be a module that increases a target’s sun brightness by a hundredfold temporarily.

Then you just sneak in for the kill.