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Please for the love of God, allow us to turn off the glare from the sun… I have to choose between max settings but always facing the camera away from the sun to see normal colors or heavily reducing the graphics of the game.

Or if its somehow built in then for every 5 AU reduce the intensity of the sun by 50%.

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Good luck with the suggestion.

3-4 years back now, CCP discussed adding a slider into the game that would allow players to adjust the brightness of the client.

There were generally, a lot of complaints back then that the client was too dark.

Since then, CCP have updated the rendering engine and introduced new features like physically based rendering, additional features in the fragment shaders to introduce reflections, etc.

To assist with seeing the effects of these changes, it seems the devs decided to just add more light sources to the game, and particularly bright nebula, but seem to have decided not to provide the ability for players to adjust the intensity.

When the changes were first made, there were a lot of complaints then about things being too bright, but CCP seem to have taken the approach of adjusting individual cases, not the client as a whole.

But +1 anyway, though I think it’s pushing water uphill to ask.

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There actually is a brightness slider in-game. Check the graphics settings :slight_smile:

I believe the stuff OP is looking for is under “Effects” but there is no specific slider or option for just the sun rays. In fairness to CCP though there may not be an easy way to disable those, since the underlying graphics they’re tied to probably run a lot of other stuff, and just yanking a light source out of the render would likely look weird as hell.

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And if you put the slider down too much, everything is too dark.

Don’t get me wrong, I love our new stars that even look like stars but at 5 AU or further, they shouldn’t be that bright anymore.

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