Can I change the skyboxes?

I personally don’t really like how bright the sky box is. Is it possible to modify it to make it darker? Or, is that some thing that developers would have to do on their end?

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Join the Triglavian Collective and push systems to Liminality, gives everything a nice muted red appearance!


you can try to tweak the in-game graphic settings (and by extension your own monitor/GPU’s settings), but as for actually changing the skybox that’s dev stuff.

EVE also doesn’t allow any 3rd party mods graphic or otherwise.


I find that changing post processing to low helps, but it doesn’t get rid of the problem.



I love the anti-sun-glare threads.

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If only Komi Valentine had made it onto the CSM - she could have addressed this. The guys we have right now just don’t care.

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I didn’t know we had current CSM…

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So far all they have done is threaten CCP with a demanding letter telling CCP that they had better not interfere is some squabble in nullsec. I don’t think the CSM cares about anything but nullsec. Even the highsec CSM guy (who is supposed to be all about the new players) signed the nullsec letter. Bizarre.

What about the sun glare, I say!


We have exactly two CSM members - the ones that actually engage with the non-streamer community directly - and they both live in the same retirement home. One suffers from multiple personality disorder (Fountain Frank), and the other is convinced he drives a magical school bus.


until they take away my magic but keys I doooooo
oh and I have mentioned the brightness issue to ccp this morning. Thye wants details so folks, hit me with your best screen shots, not images and memes

but actual ‘this is rough to play with’ screen shots.

please and thanks


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High security space, where you start as newbie, is in the middle of some huge brightly coloured gas clouds. If you venture out to lower security systems you will notice a darker sky box. Null sec space for example is mostly dark with a few bright coloured parts in the sky box where you can see the characteristic clouds of other regions in the distance.

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@DeMichael_Crimson - didn’t we have a thread with some great screenshots of the sun glare?

i recall there being a thread about it.
edit: lots bitching, but no pictures of sun glare in the two topics I found.

only image I found, but it seems for that person it was more the contrast etc than the sun glare.

What if the sun glare issue became so bad CCP needed to introduce Triglavians to something something something the suns and help resolve the issue that way?

Example 1: 4 AU from sun in nullsec inside metaliminal storm

Example 2: 17 AU from sun in nullsec

Example 3: Same as above, but I panned up until the sun was just offscreen

Example 4: 16 AU from sun in Lowsec (Aridia)

I can add snide commentary as to why these are a problem, if that would be useful to you, Mike.

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Yeah there’s been numerous threads posted about it, most have been locked but there’s still one thread left active, no screen shots in it.

All you have to do is fly around in Minmatar and Amarr space to see how bad the sun glare is. Course not all systems have that issue, maybe it’s due to a specific sun type.

Anyway, I posted some screen shots in one of the locked threads which I can’t seem to find right now. However I do have some of those screen shots saved.

This is in Frarn system:

The sun is over 21 AU away, this screen shot shows my location within that system:

Here’s one taken in Rens system after undocking from the Trade station:

Here’s one in Hek system, again over 21 AU from the sun:

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TY all, I will be putting a note to ccp together sunday afternoon. Keep the screen shots coming along with WHY they are bothersome (aside from being snowblind) do the make excel sheets harder to read? (joke)



There is a slider in the esc window for the luminosity. It helps mitigate the worst of it but is not ideal. Space is just not dark enough and the abundance of all kinds of fog, especially in mission sites, makes for poor visibility

I hate it because it makes me think I am riding a mule through the desert in California. However, CCP may not accept that their cartoonish, completely absurd rendering of space is a problem. I submit two issues:

  1. All of the brackets in the game are white - this includes everything on the overview that is superimposed in space. If space (the background) is white, then identifying the brackets is very difficult. Although it may be possible to play the game using only the overview, I don’t think most people do that.
  2. It makes the game ugly. CCP know that their game is pretty; they may want to sell the idea that this is a hardcore PVP game with ruthless competition, but we all know that the game has nice graphical assets. CCP might consider the sun glare and nebulae to be part of these graphical assets, but they are turned up too high and they are washing out all the detail in their exquisite universe.

If CCP were only willing to make one small change, I would ask them to make the light from the sun fall off much faster. When I am 17 AU from the sun, it should not light up the sky like high noon in Death Valley.