Sun filter

I know this is an old topic from what I have seen from old posts, however, maybe if we keep asking for it the developors might actually implement it someday!

If your irritated by the annoying brightness of the sun that we all are forced to have to see in the middle of our screens almost constantly, then please join me in continuing to ask for a change to decrease the luminosity of the suns we must endure. This doesn’t seem like an unreasonable request. And, no, turning down the brightness on our monitors is not a valid substitution!

If enough of us continue to post frequently perhaps we can bring about this much needed change (imo).

Thank you all.


Please move this to the Player Features & Ideas category :+1:

And yes, having a slider to dial down the sun glare to make it more opaque isn’t a bad idea.

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By the way, turning down post processing to low will help with sun glare. Of course, you’ll still spend half of your life rotating your camera away from the sun.


While I agree with the OP that there is indeed an issue (yes the sun glare is definitely too bright in some systems), I don’t agree with the need to create a new thread about this issue when there’s other threads available to post in.

Now if this thread is proposing that a dimmer slider switch for sun light graphics be implemented, then yeah I’m all for that. Course this thread should be posted in Player Features & Ideas sub-forum

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The game has bigger problems and the sole fact that CCP ignored this ‘problem’ for quite a while now shows that they share my opinion…

Said this multiple times now,those are first world problems that are quite irrelevant.

Turn off “Post Processing”. It’s what I do. The image looks much better that way, too.

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Surely it shouldn’t close a thread that hasn’t had any replies in 90 days, and then reopen it.

That IS a bit odd. I’ll look into the issue. Probably a setting somewhere. Thanks for letting me know.