Burning eyes. Bloody stars

Ive been googling around.
Asking in the help chat
and also been in contact with customer support

None have any acceptable solution.
The only solution they have is to turn the screen away.
But that does not help as moving around in systems at time causes that bloody bright star to cause mayhem to ones eyes.
I have lights turned on in the room and even then my eyes burn after a few seconds. It feels like you are looking straight into the sun

Im wondering if this actually damages the eyes in the long run.
I mean even when i accidently get the star into to the screen and i quickly turn away my eyes get to burn for a period after EVEN when its only for a few seconds.

Could we please get a feature to disable star brightness or reduce their light and not all the rest?

I can see this is an issue thats been up several times, but nothing is happening so here goes again.

And in the end if this does not work, I would ask all of those who have this issue to add a ticket to add pressure on their system so they have to consider this.

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Sorry have to do it like this since a new user is only allowed to upload 1 picture

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You do realize its NOT really a star… right?? And it’s just your monitor… and it only looks bright because of the contrast???

So how do i reduce the light from the stars/suns
without reducing the light from all the rest?

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This is a long-standing problem. CCP has shown no interest in fixing it.


This is why I also adviced people with the issue start making ticket reports to add pressure on their system.

Aslong as its just a forum thing then there is no real pressure thats forces them to consider this for real.

But for now i hope to get people to make this topic here a hot topic that gets attention then it might actually happen…

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This, sadly, is correct:



Useless advice.


its been a problem for about 2 years now

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Anyone with burnt out corneas that can forward their medical invoices to CCP?
Might get their attention :stuck_out_tongue:

So here’s a quick run-down:

This isn’t only a brightness issue, it’s also a color/contrast issue. The bright white stars are actually no more brighter than having a block of pure white or white-blue pixels on your screen.

Would a block of white pixels on a dark background also make you squint? Test it by opening Paint or something like that, and stick a pure white circle on a dark blue background. I think you’ll be at least a little bit bothered by the result.

This is something that stems from incorrect color calibration that I see on the monitors of 99% of the people I meet (work and home). They take them out of the box, plop them on the table, and start using them at their default color settings (usually 100-100-100). Looking at coworkers’ monitors makes me think of looking directly into the light fixtures in a hospital.

But that’s not the right way to do things. When you use max values for all the colors, your screen will have an unnaturally cool color temperature. What you want to do instead is make your screen resemble real-life color temperature. This usually involves turning down the RGB values quite a bit, and on most monitors, the red will be somewhat higher than the green, which will be a little higher than the blue. I say most, because monitors are different. For example, the screen in front of me right now has an RGB setup of 41-38-42, while a backup screen is something like 78-65-63, and they look almost identical. Your goal should be to get white to look, well, white. Chances are that your white has a bluish tint right now. A realistic color temperature will lean more toward red, which will feel like a huge difference until your eyes get readjusted over the course of a few days.

Also lower your brightness, and turn contrast almost all the way up. Monitors should not be glaringly bright. When looking at an image on your LCD screen, you should feel like you’re looking at a painting in a well-lit room. There should be no eye strain whatsoever.


Thanks for the advice.

Ive tried now opening a paint make it black and a white circle in the middle i have no issue.

My contrast on the screens settings is all rdy lowered.
dont ive tried going through its various settings for gaming, movies, contrast etc.

But it does not really help on the game.
I have to lower it so much that it makes the rest tooo bloody dark
Id have to make a custom setting only for eve where all brightness has been lowered to a point its useless for any thing else.

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Well, I’ve adjusted the heck out of my monitor and the EVE brightness settings. Even the side images on the forum screen are glaringly bright to me. All of the content I view on the internet looks normal except for CCPs.

I have commented on the brightness issue before in the forums, all to no avail. At least other players are mightily annoyed at what is a specific problem with EVE. So, blame the user all you want, if this was a settings issue why does it persist?

I use lubricant eye drops whenever I play the game, which has helped. I have a hunch the brightness is necessary to prominently display the fancy skins CCP use as a revenue source. As it is, I can’t stand the brightness I see right now, so this post is over…

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in reality its your brain that is playing tricks on you
like ms @Destiny_Corrupted said the star is not brighter than a white google page
but your monkey brain don’t like to look at the sun because you can go blind
and thats it


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I agree, it could also likely be a psychological effect.

Remember, don’t lower contrast; lower the brightness instead.

My objection to sun glare and bright white/pale blue regions of space is how it obscures other UI data. That’s just shoddy design.

In before @Xeux

Oh, I thought this was some kind of player fiction (none of which I can understand)… I guess I shouldn’t have skipped it.

I am getting here pretty late… hmm.

This is why we needed Komi on the CSM.

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