CCP Please remove the lens flare/dirty lens/fingerprints effect, it gets stuck and looks aweful

It’s really, really annoying and ruins the image quality overall as it gets stuck in the center of the screen.


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Career agents missions ? (just to understand exactly what you are refering to, but hopefully CCP have better remote mind reading capabilities than I do)

i totally agree, need to turn down the star flares just a bit so we can actually see what’s in space again, also get rid of the crumb asteroid effects, looks tacky

I kinda disagree with this. Stars are unimaginably bright, and they create a unique an interesting ambience what makes for a completely different gameplay feel.

Yeah the stars are fine and asteroid effects too, looking at you Ikshuki.

It’s the fact that the camera is treated as a lens, so it gets those damn sprites and washed out brightness kind of in certain light and IT SUCKS. Eve is beautiful but please can I at least have a clean “lens” if you insist on it being one.

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