Tone down the nebula and star brightness. Eve is too bright now

It looks pretty an all, but it’s blinding to play this game now. It’s just too bright with the nebulas, gas clouds, and stars shining as bright as the sun.

Adjusting the brightness slider doesn’t change much. Turning off post processing slightly helped but its still too bright.

Less is more. Too much going on now. Going to go blind playing this game.

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There are numerous threads like this. I am concerned because CCP doesn’t seem in a hurry to fix this. It seems like an obvious bug . . . but maybe they are actually going to just leave it this way. One of the developers even came on and said that it was because somebody accidentally changed one of the brightness values to 1, which was a mistake. And yet, it still isn’t fixed.

EVE is beautiful.

The atmosphere in EVE space makes it that way :roll_eyes:

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