Eve too bright - Petition

Does anyone else think Eve is way too bright? Even with brightness shader turned to the lowest setting, half the time it seems I’m in a vivid brown and white sky, almost impossible to look at.

Shouldn’t a space game revel in the darkness of space, at least most of the time?


My only problem in that are the ICE planet in potato mode for Planetary Interactions. Eyes hurt.

I DO NOT sign petitions

NO, EVE is NOT to bright! :sunglasses:

With postprocessing and blur disabled it looks pretty damn dark, check it out.

Thing is, that disables everything, there is no middle ground. I love good graphics in game but as an older player this stuff is often just blinding me and causing to squint. There is also a big difference between those who are still on 1080p lagging behind on their systems, and those of us that have 2k or 4k displays, often significantly larger displays. That is definetly something else to consider.

Even if I scale down to 1080, the sheer size of my screen nowadays makes a difference.

I do not see why they didn’t simply do what so many other games have, use sliders for how much of any given effect you want, or at least one of those 3-5 position ones. I mean seriously, its a fairly common feature, so why is this not in here yet ?

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I find that some of the nebula are way too bright. Need to turn the camera away from them just to see the overview. And a bubble camp with a load of bubbles can be blinding.

Will try turning off postprocessing and blur, although I think I already switched off a lot of those settings.


Yeah, and for whatever reason, whenever I use a gate (system or room) it seems I’m pointed directly at the brightest thing in the sky.

There is… hit “ESC”, select the “Display & Graphics” tab, and in the right column, look for “Brightness”…

Problem is, it doesn’t go low enough…like to -11.

Amarr is too bright, and so are some parts of Caldari space.

But you leave my Minmatar space alone!

Dont know about to brightness, but at 4k resolution we DO need UI scaling more than %150
we need 175, 200, 225, 250 scaling

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