The wrong glasses!

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the shape of glasses in Eve apparel?

I ask because I got some of the ‘farsight’ glasses which in the preview have clearly oval shaped lenses, but when I actually put them on my character they are triangle shaped.

I went back and checked the preview again in case they’d been remodelled in this week’s patch but, nope, the preview still shows them as being oval.

It’s no biggie, it’s just a pair of virtual glasses, but I wanted the oval ones and if it’s some setting I can adjust, I’d be grateful if someone could tell me where I can do that!

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Glasses geometry is glued to facial features on the model. You would have to remodel the face to see change.


Triglavian spy detected BURN HIM! :fire:


Ah! Okay - thank you! I’m not sure I’m ready for full-scale cosmetic surgery in order to get oval glasses, but that’s good to know - I’d never have guessed that, I suppose because irl you change glasses to suit the wearer, rather than change the wearer to suit the glasses!

Perhaps I’ll re-visit and see what I’d have to tweak to get them the shape I wanted - might come out of it looking like Sid off Ice Age! haha!

It’s a shame the shape of the glasses is tied to our facial structure. I tried glasses as well for an earlier version of my portrait, but they just looked strange so I took them off again.

Agh! I can’t remodel the character - apparently the thing I need to change is a re-sculpt which apparently is a one-time thing and (although I can’t remember doing it) I’ve already done.

oh well, weird triangular oval glasses it is, I guess!

You can always buy more resculpt certificates though. :wink:

Thats terrible decision in my opinion, most often than not I found myself not happy with effects, in various games.

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