I don't like my toon avatar or starting faction

Is there anything I can do other than start over and lose 6 months of training?

I just want him to look different. I like all my skills. I feel like this should be just a QoL thing.

You can buy a character resculpt certificate in the NES. That only works for the visual look of the char, not for name or faction.


Yeah, you can buy the ability to change your character’s “shape”.

If it’s other details (scars, hair, clothing, etc) then you can change those at many stations, and that includes the avatar image that other players see in terms of lighting, background, pose, camera distance and angle, and so on.

As was said, you can change the superficial things - hair, scars etc. for free from any station, as well as the clothing. A paid for (via PLEX or ISK on the in-game market) can allow you to resculpt everything else but you are still locked to the name and race.

Name and identity are important in persistent game like Eve, and while adding a name change has been discussed, it seems unlikely now that CCP will spend the effort to add the levels of tracking into the UI that would be necessary to prevent this from being abused by players seeking to avoid past transgressions. The ability to shed your past is a little more than just a QoL change in a game like Eve.

If you just want to change names/race/sex. You can always sell your character on the character bazaar and/or use Skill Extractors to trade for or make a new one. Not ideal, but you can move most of your progress to a different/new character with those methods.

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