How to change name

is it possible to change name in the game and how can i do it?

No. The name you create is permanent.

which means you can’t.

OK. That was blunt, sorry.

There is a wrinkle:
It’s not changing name, but you can starting again but with some ability to transfer Skill Points with Skill Extractors between the old and new characters. That can be a little expensive, and won’t transfer all your SP.

Of course, there is another option: accept your name as it is and go out and make a reputation for yourself. Become something in-game: You are defined by your actions not by a lable or collection of letters.

as said Terak you cannot
and it is good, because in a social game like eve, your reputation is important.
You can be a pirate or betray your friends. What would happen if you could change your name?

be what you want but embrace it

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There is an exception: if the issue is capitalisation, and ONLY that, then you can file a ticket and they will help you.

If the change is very minor (like capitalization) then you can file a support ticket here, otherwise, it’s not possible to change your name, as the others have stated. :slight_smile:

Yes, it is possible.

Just have to purchase CCP, or rather, Black Pearl now, and be the owner/CEO. Then send a mail to your subordinates, ordering them to change your name.


i knew i saw a similar post that turned into a dumpster fire.

Hello. o/

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