How can I change the image of my character?

How can change the image of my character?

In station look for “Character Customisation” button.

As Keno Skirt says, it’s Character Customisation in station services.

There are, however, limitations. You can not change your race, gender or structure* (bones/flesh). Everything else is malleable. You can change clothing, posture and portrait.

Eve is about the permanent consequences of your decisions and actions. The first decision you make is who you are: your name and your origins. There really should be a very clear warning!

  • There is a resculpture certificate if you want surgery, but that’s not cheap. Consequences.
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You can change the image ingame while you are docked in a station and clicking the the button in station services to customize your character. As to the limits of what you can change, you can take a look here to get an idea on what you can change free and what you can change with the Character Resculpt option:

If you are referring to the forums image, it can take a few minutes to update on the image server.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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