Help Re-Designing Character

Hi all,

Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong section to post this in.

For the past couple of days I’ve been working on re-designing one of my female avatars, however, I’m not having much luck making her “just right”.

I’ve seen some really nice avatar creations while browsing around and although I don’t want to directly copy one Id like to create one that stands out.

So, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with this (for a fee, of course)?

Also, I remember years ago there was such a thing as a Portrait Swap service …

Is this still possible nowdays?

Feel free to mail me if you wish.



I suck so bad at making female characters. I always end up with either very muted makeup, or painted whores.


I think you are pretty as you are hunny, don’t let anyone tell you different <3


Just exactly what type of look are you trying to achieve?

Is it the character pose? Make-up? Portrait background? Lighting?

Just for example, here’s a couple of portraits from each of my Female characters.


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Never mind, you do you, and I’ll do me.

@Lynn_Hariere, character resculpts are still available, although there is a cost for a complete redo.

What I hope to achieve is a balanced looking character, where the character itself, It’s clothing and background all blend in nicely.

i’m not too bad with the make-up and lighting but I admit it’s awkward to get a pose I’m happy with.

Thank you for posting your examples and I can see you’ve got an eye for detail and blending it all together.

A few I particularly like can be seen here (notably Alice Saki, Yolkree and Wingdancer).


So, at least it gives you some idea :slight_smile:

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Alice Saki always did good character portraits, lovely person IRL too but AFAIK she no longer plays.

Here’s one of my female alts if it’s any use to you as a reference, Alice had a hand in the creation of her portrait.

And for funsies, there’s always this.


How do i unsee this…

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Aww that’s nice.


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There used to be a site called New Eden Faces that provided voting on character portraits.

Its gone, however it looks like a resurrection was uploaded to Heroku at one point. You can browse through portraits at:

There’s also a gallery at:

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I’d help you, but it costs a fortune due to CCP requiring us to trade characters.

Tell me how you imagine payment to work. In public, please.


That’s so adorable, I want to strangle you. :heart:

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She’s very nice, you must have spent a good amount of time on her!

Well, it depends in what way you envisage helping, but in any event, I’m happy to fund it accordingly, keep it in-line with CCP policies and keep it on public record.

Well, it appears DMC there likes a certain slider in character making.

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Whilst we’re sharing;

Character creation is the only time i ‘role play’ and think about the character back ground.

First one is inspired by Sarah Connor in T2. Second by a character in Fractured Space.


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You need to get out more bro

I’m not really experienced with the character creator just yet but gave it a bunch of tries and settled for this:

My soon to be PVP character looks like this: