Creating Custom Saved Character Appearance

Pretty straight forward, so i’m sure i’m not the only one who does this but most players tend to have an set character appearance they use, in eve, its certain face we like to use. Now its pretty difficult to replicate them with the current system. So i recommend us being able to save an appearance or face So we can easily replicate it and now having to keep going to random generator and hoping we get close to the look we are wanting

No, I’m pretty sure you’re the only weirdo who self expresses by creating an army of clones. :stuck_out_tongue:

However, I know that there are players out there who provide character design services. So, something that gives people the ability to save and share character appearances would be be a huge boon to them, and the people that use their services.

Lord knows I could use help with my female characters. My makeup always winds up in one of the two extremes - barely noticeable or painted whore.
No P2W

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When creating a face, you do not have to use the random generator. After choosing one of the 24 base templates you have full control of the face, body, posture, lighting and clothes. Nothing random about it.

If you have a face, you can replicate it.

I know the feeling, it’s easy to get too much or too little of one of the settings. I often experiment with the slidings on different settings to find the point it is ‘barely noticeable’ and the point that it is too extreme and then try a few points in between.

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Nope, asked last night in the local chat and many people said they tend to use an set face for their characters. I just think saving an character look would be helpful, hell even sliders would be helpful so we can replicate it

i agree with the female aspect, i tried to make one that looks like a chick thats into metal and she ended up looking like a crack head from gta

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read what gerard said above…its totally possible to make the same face twice.

Well…tbf that kinda fits you… :wink:

There is no need for duplication on a mass scale, but I should at least be able to save a work-in-progress on a particular character to come back to later.

This game tends to bug and not save the face. And although it is possible to get the same face it’s not necessarily that easy. There tends to be something off. Something I can’t quite capture again. Angles. Lighting. Something would be off. Different. I’ve made what I considered perfect photo to then have the game bug out and not finalize. You push the button and nothing happens. Your only option is to exit the character creator and lose all your work. And the bug persists until you either exit the game completely or in some case even that doesn’t work and it won’t resolve until the server resets. Sometimes you can mash the button a lot and then logout and maybe in a day or so the new picture will replace the old. But I’ve even had a new picture get replaced, seemingly out of the blue, and revert to an older one.

Couple of months ago that happened to me too, but that bug is fixed.

The only issue I recognise is that my character creator sometimes freezes and crashes.

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