Do you enjoy character customization? Be honest

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Yes, I enjoy character customization.

Character customization in EVE is one of the best I’ve seen in games and while it is not without it’s limits, it really allows players a lot of creative freedom for their character and portraits.

For anyone interested in character customization, take a look at this thread I’ve been keeping over the years:


I’ll give some points. Its great to be able to define yourself. Thing is though, majority of people I interact with could care less as you are just seen as just another alt.

For me character customization does not feel rewarding and i think a minority of gamers enjoy it. Especially because its the same in every game. You move some slider around and haha. But yea, come on?

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You do indeed look like you just ‘moved some slider around’ and called it a day:

… which is a shame because you could do so much more with character customization if you put a bare minimum amount of time into it!

Turn the face, make it smile or frown, try to find a good light option, different pose? What about some new clothes in Jita 4-4?

There’s plenty of things you can do to customize your character, if you wanted.


You know its just a profile picture right? I don’t even see your profile atm lol… (Must be something different in game)

Just make it and never look at it again. And just because you had a bad experience with it doesn’t mean it’s bad.


Listen to this fanboi:
“Char customization is one of best…” - yeah buddy, you havent 0layed other games then.

In other words, I skipp char creation all together, it is waste of time just like tutorial, just like gameplay.

Eve online is a mobile game.
Beside the fact that you have to wait for timer to do everything, you NEVER see your char again. Ever.

So, why to spend any time doing it?
Just randomize it until you look like you want and viola.

I can see that.

Your character gives me the impression of ‘yet another alt that someone could not bother to make a portrait for’.

That’s incorrect.

While you won’t see the entire character, the portrait of your character is what everyone sees any time you say something in a chat in the game or on the forum. We see your character right now, right here in this thread!

Or is this not your face?

Your portrait is your main face to the rest of the game and is what allows other players to recognise you, together with your name.

If you spend a minimum amount of time on the portrait (beyond pressing randomize, I mean), your portrait may not look like a zero-effort throwaway alt.

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OP, why do you have no portrait yourself? I mean that mysterious silhouette doesn’t count as portrait, seriously. I won’t vote in your poll anyway to not make it more legit than it deserves :slight_smile:

If you don’t like making portraits, wy bother with character customization that no one will see and what is the point of asking this to other players?

Have you browsed Gerard’s thread on character customization? Have you tried yourself some of the advices posted there? The Process feels rewarding by itself …at least to me :slight_smile:

My char is a young girl, loving life and she is fun.

Your char is looking like any other self centered prick that thinks very highly of himself but has little to no actual worth.

And you want to tell me about char creation?

Lol, indeed.

Ah yeah I forgot to mention, I never- like EVER, take even a slightest note of how someones char looks like.

I wont ask you why you do and you do not need to worry yourself about why majority of us do not.

Have a great life.

While you’re probably right that some people never note how someone’s character looks like or care about how their character look like, I doubt you’re the majority.

Let’s take as example a few portraits from this General Discussion forum:

Even without names, you can see that many of these people are not using the default randomized avatar EVE gives you. The only exceptions to that are plazid (whose portrait is bugged), you Sandi-1, and Eldstokkr in the third row - who upon closer inspection did take the effort to make the eyes of his Prophet white.

Everyone else of those people took the effort to make just a little more of the portrait to stand out and be recognisable.

At a glance I recognise frequent posters Io, Aisha, Ax’l, Wes, Iceacid, ISD Buldath among the portraits.

And for example, that girl in the second and fourth row with the cute ponytail even tried to replicate the alliance logo of a notorious ganking group in her portrait:

There’s a lot you can do with your portrait to make you recognisable.

But yea, it’s entirely free to skip that part of the game and not look at any portraits. Just be aware that the people who do look at portraits will notice that you did not spend any time on your character and may assume you’re yet another alt.

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I have exactly the same feelings about bios.

No bio? Alt or tedious in bed.


Ingame bio or forum bio?

I only have the latter and may therefore be an alt in the game. Or tedious in bed in game.

Why on earth dont you have an ingame bio?

And why do you have a forum bio?

Just swap that around and youd be a super stud

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I may have to do that then

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A good bio is the first step to proving a person isnt a bot.

Or a boring turd.

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You are confusing real majority with forum dwellers.

Yeah, those are two completely different things.

Also, nobody cares abot your bio or info nor picture of made up char.

For one, your char is looking like some bad ass with eyebrow horns, in reality you are just a gamer.

Wait…there is a bio section in game?
What do you put in it?
Is it your phone number?


"To not look bed-boring to some random in game?

Pffff, get a life.

I remember when you could walk your avatar around. I really enjoyed that. Yeah I like the character customization. I like checking the market for avatar clothing sometimes too.


What is the purpose of playing EVE?